Thursday, December 18, 2014
(That's my Christmas tree above!!!) It's hard to believe we're now down to 7 days until the big holiday! If you're still in the need of some gift ideas for a particular person in your life, remember to check out all of my gift guides for this year! You can find them here and I hope that the remainder of your shopping is not too stressful!
The purpose of this post though, is all about the holiday outfits that you're going to need to wear when you're invited to different parties the rest of this year! I did a similar post last year, and it was so much fun putting together and such a success sharing with all of you. It's interesting to read that post and see where I was compared to where I am now this year. A lot has changed, but for the better. These outfits below are party-themed, meaning a type of outfit you'd wear to a certain type of party. It's all about how you're feeling this year, and how you want to represent yourself and how you'll feel beautiful for the festive occasion. The fourth outfit is my favorite, and I've had my eye on that SimplyBe skirt for the past month so I'm hoping that I can possibly get it for my NYE's this year. So much fun! What outfit would you be?!
Shop all the outfits in the links below the image!

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