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Thursday, March 28, 2013

So I thought I would do something a little different today. I've never actually shown a lot of people where I blog and where I get the most of my inspiration for my posts. It's something that I've wanted to do for awhile as I think it's fun to see where people use their creativity and imagination on what they talk about. Like I've said in few other posts, I'm still living at home with my parents but they've given me the top floor of the house. It's essentially cut off from everything that happens on the floor below, and so it's really helpful for when I'm trying to put posts together and to actually get inspired. I've had this desk for as long as I can remember, but it's essentially just a long table so I can keep a lot of stuff on it. Pardon if some of the images are a little blurry, had to use my iPhone.

I always try to keep my planner right by my computer so I can have a constant reminder of when I'm going to put a blog up, and for when things are due for school. I'm really obsessed with fashion illustrations, as you can see, so I gotta give credit to Inslee for the gorgeous monthly calendar and to Erisha Ann for my computer wallpaper. xoxo
Thought I would do a close up of these few things. I'm obviously obsessed with New York and I got this mug from a Starbucks there last summer. It's perfect for holding utensils, and once I actually get a coffee maker for my home, I will use it in the proper way. I also am particularly in love with the tiny three-leaf clover cup that I received from my late grandmother. It just holds a special place in my heart since I'm in love with all things Irish.
This bulletin board is right off my desk and plays an important role in hanging inspiration images from my favorite magazines, and my necklaces. These images also spill into the wall that is behind my desk, and is currently gorgeous with images of Keira Knightley! I also did a little D.I.Y. by taking the wrapping paper I received from Bettie Paige Clothing and upholstering it to the back of the board. Just to add something more eye catching.
Every girl needs a good read! So for April I'm looking forward to catching up on some new fashion trends and good gossip. I always love having these close by so if I ever get bored, I can just flip through the pages and get inspired. Then I also really love the document holder I got from Barnes and Noble for all my papers and various things.
I just have to mention my favorite photograph with my nephew. He is my absolute favorite and I treasure every moment with him. So happy for my sister and brother-in-law in how they've created their little family. Hope to have my own one day. But anyways, I guess you can also see I'm a little obsessed with flowers. I just got this free Kate Spade sample and it smells AMAZING! I highly recommend checking the link above to get yours. Then the purple/green flower holder is really special to me, as I was given it to me on my birthday a few years ago from a customer I met when I worked at Caribou Coffee. She just recently passed away but I will most likely always keep this and remember what an amazing and inspiring person she was.
Well, there it is! A little sneak peek into where I spend most of my time everyday. I try to keep it as organized as possible and make it into a comfortable and inspiring place. Though I really cannot wait until I can have something even bigger!
Have a great weekend!
Mostly Lisa

Ruffles Confections

Monday, March 25, 2013

So I've been currently obsessing over Chloe's Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The pastel hues, rompers, knee length dresses are getting me through the end of Winter. Yes, I know it's officially Spring, but here in Minnesota we've decided to keep the cold weather and the piles and piles of snow. these rompers and pastel hues are getting me through the tail end of Winter. This line was such a perfect assorment of what feminine and ladylike can and should be. Since I was looking for some Spring 2013 trends, I found this great snippet in Glamour's March 2013 edition, and it's all about ruffles. Little did I know when researching that it was one of the top trends seen down the runway for this season. This collection was perfect for this this! I love ruffle accents for many reasons: they're simple and add such a unique twist to any piece. I also noticed that designers have been taking a more modern twist to the ruffle, making them look stiff and austere. So what is the best thing about wearing them? They really are their own personal accessory, no there's need to add any over-the-top jewelry, the ruffle just speaks for itself. So here's just a few more affordable ideas to add this easy accessory into your wardrobe!

Mostly Lisa

Think Neon

Thursday, March 21, 2013
WARNING: Eyes may need to adjust to the brightness these colors produce!

Hope you heeded my warning and put some sunglasses on, because this Spring 2013 trend is a bright one. You may have noticed more and more of stores updating their visual displays, and having to squint because they're so bright. But don't be afraid, embrace it! Neon is one of those fads that I either really love or truly hate. It's never really gone away since the '80s, and I hear so many people refrencing that era as something they don't want to look back on for fashion inspiration. I think this trend is good in incriments, which is perfect since it pops up right when spring and summer rolls around. There are subtle ways you can incorporate neon into your wardrobe, and this is what I like to do whenever I wear it. It's really keeping the materials light for a feminine take and the key I often follow  is to make easy pairings of the bright hues with neutral's. This not only makes you have a sophisticated look, but it can also be a lot of fun. Kate Spade did this really well in her Spring 2013 collection, pairing and mixing different prints to switch up the bright yellow with blue and orange flowers, and in the orange with white polka dots. It was probably one of my favorite collections for the season, as was Oscar de la Renta's. He even went so far as putting neon in the hairstyles. Blogger Pink Peonies does this trend PERFECTLY! I'm obsessed with the pairing of the scarf and the neon yellow blouse.


Love The Hair: Bobby-Pins

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ah, the bobby-pin. The one hair accessory I use to wear ALL the time when I was younger. Whether it was to keep the hair off my face, or to keep my hair from sticking out. Well, it's not just for young girls anymore, it's grown up and made its way onto the heads of women alike. It's the one hair accessory that can either be extremely useful, or extremely artistic, or both. Coming from out of hiding, these hairpins can now stand out as a fashion-forward look. Celebrities, like Diane Kruger show them proudly in a zigzag line of braided hair. It was even seen down the runway for Cacharel Fall 2013. Just make sure to add hairsprary to the pins before putting them in your hair, that way you won't get any fly-aways. Below are bobby-pins or "bobbies" from Anthropologie, I wish I could dress my hair up with. Who knew they could be so fancy?! (Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5)
Have a lovely weekend!
Mostly Lisa

Just A Dash of Perfume

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not to be too cheesy, but I remember when I was younger always trying on my mother's perfume. She has this great vanity with a huge mirror that has been around since I can remember, and I would always try to emulate her with the scents that she wore. Her favorite perfume is still Estee Lauder's Pleasure, and was a favorite of mine while I was in high school. It made me feel like a woman, or maybe just more sophisticated. I think that is what I love about perfumes, they can make you feel something just by a few spritzes that you put on. As I've gotten older I've switched up what scents I wear on a daily basis, some are designer fragrances and some are basics. These are just a few of my favorites at the moment, but I am sure some will stay with me forever.  (Image credit: The Glitter Guide)
So I ask you, what are your favorite scents?
Mostly Lisa

Style Muse: Dakota Fanning

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Thursday y'all! I decided to start up a new theme of Style Muses. I have a lot of them, whether they are actresses or musicians. It's so much fun to try and dissect their style and how I could incorporate different pieces into my wardrobe and switch it up a bit. So my first Style Muse is Ms. Dakota Fanning. I've loved her work since I saw her in 'War of the Worlds', and it's been so much fun seeing her style grow with her. She definitely has an edgier persona in her street style, and when she has to go to go on the red carpet she cleans up REALLY nicely. These four looks above are some of my favorites that she's worn. Especially the Valentino dress she wore to the Alexander McQueen exhibit in NY last year. It was the perfect combo of fashion and art. I also don't think it hurts to have worked and been the face of  Marc Jacobs fragrance "Oh,Lola" since she was really little. She is actually the face of Glamour magazine for March 2013 and if you haven't read the story, you must check it out! It's a great interview, and really showcases her personality and where she's at right now in her life. I also took one of her street style looks and put together how I would wear it, I love pairing all the colors together. Ah, to be 19 and have the whole fashion industry at my fingertips. Lucky girl! I can't wait to see how her style changes during her 20s. (Images from Glamour.com, Elle.com, Daily Style Phile, and Polyvore)

Mostly Lisa

Five Outfits For Spring 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Happy 2nd day of March! I cannot believe it's already the third month of 2013. Things are happening so quickly and I'm so ready for things to change. I'm also really looking forward to updating my wardrobe for the upcoming season, it's probably my favorite one out of the year. Spring is all about rejuvenating yourself and your wardrobe. Adding pops of color, shortening skirt lengths, baring your toes, and much more. These five outfits are some of my inspiration for updating my own wardrobe. Here's hoping I can actually get some of these items. So tell me, what are you most looking forward to in Spring? I'd love to hear what you inspires you for this season!
1. Valentino Emerald Backless Dress | 2. Gold & Emerald Bangle Trio | 3. Believe It or Not Bag | 4. Elle Heeled Ballet | 5. Clive Christian 1872

Emerald is officially the color of the year! Makes me think of emerald stones, luscious lace, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and much more. I don't often wear green, it doesn't really suit my skintone, but with this outfit I'd definitely be willing to take a risk. I think pairing it with a nude color flat is the perfect way to balance the whole color scheme out.
 1. With a Little Lock Bracelet | 2. Hollywood Thrills Sunglasses | 3. Zara Shopper Handbag | 4. Black Side Split Maxi | 5. London postcard T | 6. Steve Madden Sandal in Black/Tan

So I'm a little late on the whole maxi trend. Last summer while I was in New York, I took the chance and purchased a maxi dress and a maxi skirt. Wouldn't you know that they were the two most used clothing items I wore while I was living there. It's such a classic piece to have in your wardrobe, and can be very figure flatting for a curvier woman. I love pairing a basic tee with a maxi skirt, there's something so chic and simple about it. This London T from Gap is probably one of my must-haves for spring right now. It's so cute and would look really great with the skirt and sandals.
1. Aldo LEDEBUHR purse | 2. J.Crew Minnie Pant | 3. Lace Shoulder Shirt | 4. Black Pleated Mid-Heel | 5. Chanel Rouge Lipstick | 6. J.Crew Translucent Braclet | 7. Ponte Boyfriend Blazer

I've talked about Black & White before on my blog, just a few entries back actually, and I decided putting together an outfit would be just perfect for this. Again, this is a really figure flatting combo on any body type. I decided to make this look a little more professional, so pairing the sleeveless lace shirt with a blazer was just the ticket. I am ALL for adding a pop of color to any outfit, so I had throw in this J.Crew bracelet.

 1. The Mowden iPhone Case | 2.Beige Kettle Tassel Bag | 3. Embroidered Floral Collar Tee | 4. Faustine Spiked Loafer | 5. Andros Floral Bracelet | 6. James Jeans

I think we all know when you think of spring, you think of flowers. They're beginning to blossom and grow, and I think you can do that with your wardrobe to for this season. I love this outfit because it's so simple, yet it's actually really detail oriented. With the embroidered peter pan collar tee, the floral bracelet and even the iPhone case!
1. Pastel Tale Sign Bag | 2. Kate Spade Glass Pearl Necklace | 3. Edith London in Midnight Blue | 4. Happy Closed Strippy Sandals | 5. Having a Field Day Wallet

Blue is my favorite color and so putting this outfit together was super easy. I've seen these dresses over at ModCloth and thought I'd give a peek to the actual retailer because they are so flipping adorable. They're called Poppy Children and are based in Great Britain. I'm a big buff on all things England, and all of their dresses appeal to me because they feature the London skyline on the hem of most of the dresses they carry. Plus, they are inspired by the '50s which is a favorite decade of mine. I would wear this in a heartbeat!

Have a great weekend!

Mostly Lisa