A Pajama Fancy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This past weekend was one of the laziest I've ever had. I'm not complaining about this though, I had two on-calls for work and for both I was cut, which in turn made me feel completely lazy. The weather outside is not helping as it is, SNOWING IN APRIL and there is no chance of it ending! So what is more perfect than staying inside and lounging around the house in your favorite pair of pajamas?! My favorite pair of PJs include black sweats, a comfy t-shirt with extra room, and a pair of super soft socks. But after seeing several street style photos of women wearing pajamas as their outfit at Fashion Week, I'm rethinking what I should actually wear to bed.

Stylist Caroline Sieber was seen at the Paris Fashion Week out in public wearing this gorgeous blue pajama set that I'm sure was extremely luxurious!  Now I though, "why can't I have something like that just to wear in bed?" So I set out looking on different websites for some great deals on PJ sets and was not disappointed. These are just some of my favorites, and I am going to be saving up for the J.Crew sets the most.

What do you think about the Pajama trend for everyday wear? Would you incorporate silk pajamas in your outfits? Let me know!

Mostly Lisa

What To Wear Underneath

Friday, April 12, 2013


Trust me there is no nudity in this, but just want to foreworn anyone. I was reading through my daily magazines for this month, and found a great little snippet about what lingerie to pair with an outfit that would make you feel just as sexy as if someone could see them. So, I thought it would be fun to spice some things up and talk about something that every lady should wear. Seriously though, some days you just want to feel a little sexy or have a little fun with something you have to wear every day. I don't really go too far out there when it comes to intimates, the riskiest thing I've ever bought was some fancy underwear from Victoria's Secret.  There are some REALLY gorgeous garments out there though and so I thought I'd share some of my favorites.
I mean, how gorgeous is this?!

You can get custom flannel bras/panties from this Etsy shop! Not too expensive either! I'm in love with this floral print combo.
These embroidered silk tap pants and bra, were Chinese, and found in the early 1920s. They were in fact worn by Mrs. Herbert Sage Mesick (part of a lingerie set, with slip and nightgown). They're actually featured at the Met Museum. So chic.
Ugh, I'd wear this in a heartbeat.

"If you're wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads." - Elle Macpherson

Have a great weekend!
Mostly Lisa

Trendy Saturday: The Bermuda Short

Saturday, April 6, 2013
How gorgeous does this woman look?! Image credit: Flickr

I love finding a trend that was popular years ago and ends up popping up again in this decade. I was really surprised to see that the bermuda short was going to be one of these trends for Spring 2013. Now, I'm not one that is going to personally wear this trend because I do not have the right body type for them. If I did, I would prefer slimmer cut Bermudas so as not to add extra volume to my legs or waist. So for women who do, it can be really chic to wear these shorts with a pair of flats or heels. That's the great thing about them, you can wear them in a comfy way or even in a dressed up way and they still look great.  These shorts can give you some great coverage too, for those legs that are not yet tanned, and will keep you cool when it starts to get sweltering out. So I decided to put together two looks that I would wear, if I had the right body type.
This would be a great daytime look. Thought it would be fun to add a pair of sandals to give it a more casual style. I love these Alice + Olivia cuffed Bermudas in a army green color.
I'm not one to wear really high heels because I'm already 5'8", so these ModCloth mid-heels are absolutely perfect for this dressy outfit. I thought to pair a blazer to give it a more sophisticated look!
So readers, what do you think of the Bermuda trend? Let me know!
Have a great weekend!
Mostly Lisa