Autumn Favorites

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
I'm so in love with Autumn, and everything it brings. Especially in Minnesota, when we get Fall, we get it in full force. All of these things just instantly remind me of this season, and it brings warm memories. As I've gotten older, I've become more appreciative that we get this. Colors, sweaters, and comfort food are my all time favorite things. I'm excited to experience these things in the short months we get here.

MFW: Spring 2012

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Milan Fashion Week has been around since 1958, and it never fails to bring about more sophisticated collections. This season was no surprise. The collections that were brought about had basic colors, but with interesting prints. Tons of lace, sequins, stripes, and florals. Feathered and slicked back hair. There were some beautiful pieces.

LFW Spring 2012: Days 4-6

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
London Fashion Week is already over with, seems like it went by so fast. I really enjoyed the collections that were brought to our attention. British fashion is so flamboyant, that it can seem a little too out there, but I think that's a really brave thing. British designers take the time to show their creativity, and they're not afraid to put something out there that they really are proud of. I love that about them.

LFW Spring 2012: Days 1-3

Monday, September 19, 2011
I am a huge admirer of British fashion. There's just something about the way designers over there know how to break the mold of normal style. So it's already been three days, and there have been some crazy collections. Bold prints that tend to be the centerpiece for the entire collection, neutral colors that blend well with different skin tones, and some interesting hair and make-up choices. But that's what designers have to bring when they're showing a collection they put their heart and soul into.

NYFW Spring 2012: Day Nine

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Well, the time has come. It's the last day of NYFW, Spring edition, and I've got to say it was a lot of fun! We saw a lot of interesting collections, with tons of details and things to remind of us of the great season of Spring. I'm looking forward to seeing different dresses on celebrities, or even the casual wear that they might bring to different events. Today was no exception to having all of these things. So here's to a great nine days, and I'll be back for London Fashion Week tomorrow!

NYFW Spring 2012: Day Eight

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
You can tell NYFW is starting to wind down, I only chose a few collections that I really truly liked today. Tomorrow is the last day, and I can't believe it's almost over. I noticed a lot of bold colors were used, especially in Angel Sanchez and Milly by Michelle Smith. My favorite was Anna Sui, she knows how to fit a woman. Floral and sequin details are my favorite, so I was happy to see that she used a lot of that. Free flowing hair and big, floppy hats added a 70s feel.

NYFW Spring 2012: Day Seven

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Day seven brought formal and casual chic. With designers like Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta, you can expect to see a wow factor to every piece of clothing that walks down the runway. I particulary loved Oscar's collection for Spring, I mean he does these beautiful dresses that just seem to be flawless in execution. The tulle he uses in his more elegant dresses look butter, it's that seamless. He used floral patterns in most pieces, but in different colors, so it's a more versatile look for anyone who wears it. I will also say that I liked Karen Walker's collection, she paired 40s styled hair with a more unfeminine outfit. Great day.

NYFW Spring 2012: Day Six

Since I was completely exhausted yesterday I decided to not post my review for Day Six, but I'll post it today. What a day it was, it didn't feel like a boring Monday at all. From Betsey Johnson to Alice + Olivia, collections were made out of gorgeous details and colors. Make-up  and hair was light and ethereal. You could definitely distinguish each designer, with fun lighting and music. I noticed fantastic construction in the dresses that were brought up, very feminine.