Friday, April 13, 2018

The weather in Minnesota for the past couple of months has been unbearable. It's supposed to be spring, right? With 20 degree temps, the white stuff deterring the green stuff from showing and just plain gloomy days, I am consistently looking for ways to make these long days feel a little brighter.

The age old trend of florals for spring will more than likely never stop bringing a huge sigh of disappointment from those high-end fashionistas. However, there are now so many different ways to wear the trend that options are limitless for anyone willing to try. I, for one, am never going to tire from this trend so I knew I hit the jackpot when I found this stunning Who What Wear x Target ruffle slit dress featuring a gorgeous floral pattern that I had not seen before. (similar).

This dress in particular has given me so many compliments from so many different people that I simply want to wear it every time I go out. It has become a staple piece for my wardrobe and it's so much fun being able to mix and match various accessories with it. For this version, I paired it with an adorable belt from Target featuring a fox head clasp. To complete the look, I slipped into these comfortable tan braided booties. Think work appropriate that can easily transition into a date night look. This one's for you, Miranda Priestly!

Photos by e l photography
Mostly Lisa


Thursday, March 29, 2018
Spring is officially here! It's time to get rid of those heavier, warmer aromas and embrace those lighter, floral perfumes that will put a pep in your step.

Here are five scents to get you in the mood for brighter and colorful days!
"Arizona - an idea, a dream. It conjures feelings of liberation to find a greater truth. Arizona - a name. A respect and love of nature, and a sense of unbridled freedom. Arizona - a state of mind."
1. Arizona by Proenza Schouler ($100-$130): Hints of tangerine. A muskier floral that embraces its sweetness at the same time. It will transport you to sunnier days. I think this will be the perfect new scent to wear all spring and summer.
"a beautifully fresh and floral scent, this fragrance exudes the natural grace and alluring confidence of a rose in full bloom. enhanced with playful twists of lemon, green tea, peach and lotus flower, it is unapologetically feminine and unabashedly confident."
2. in full bloom by kate spade new york ($28-$98): This third installment of their fragrance line, 'in full bloom' captures everything from 'live colorfully' and 'walk amour' into one new perfume. Fresh, flirty and unique to this season. You'll basically be living the '13 Going on 30' life with this rose-infused long lasting scent. I am a HUGE fan of 'live colorfully' so I am all about this incorporating similar notes.
"Gorgeous Gardenia is a paean to the lightness of the shrub’s first blossom and the addictive richness of it in full bloom—the result is gorgeously feminine. A sparkling prelude of succulent red berries and juicy pear give way to an opulent floral heart. The plushness of gardenia petals is enhanced by the creamy warmth of frangipani flower, underlain by the delectable aroma of patchouli and brown sugar."
3. Flora by Gucci - Gorgeous Gardenia ($78): If you are in the search of a new signature scent, 'Gorgeous Gardenia' will be right up your alley. This eau de toilette will be a staple in your daily beauty routine, and it offers a more intense floral, 'deeply sensual' fragrance. What I really love about this pick? It includes patchouli oil which is by far one of my favorite natural scents that is seen in bath oils and soaps.
"This sweetly feminine eau de parfum invokes sunny oceanside beauty with every spritz."
4. Mermaid No. 1 Perfume Spray by Anthropologie ($50): A whole perfume line inspired by the ocean and the secrets it holds? Are you ready to be transported to the beach and summertime? Well, this eau de parfum is for you. Vitamins and minerals are infused with orange blossoms into each bottle and can be used on the skin and even in your hair! The perfect spray for the season.
"What it is: Inspired by a new generation of Italian It girls, Valentina embodies a rebellious Italian heiress."
5. Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum ($92-$122): A new Italian It-Girl is the inspiration behind this Valentino perfume. She's cool and carefree and enjoys the finer things in life.  The secret to this fresh and fruity scent? Its top notes include: bergamot and truffle; its heart notes include: white flowers and strawberries; its base notes inclue: cedar, vanilla, and amber. Perfection!

What are you going to be wearing this spring?

Mostly Lisa


Monday, February 26, 2018

(PHOTO VIA: Roxane Baines)

Play at romance, we slow dance
In the living room, but all that a stranger would see
Is one girl swaying alone
Stroking her cheek
I have noticed myself pulling and pulling back from posting on here. I don't even know where the passion has gone for Mostly Lisa, to be honest. Life has taken me in so many different directions and paths for the past seven months that the passion, along with the motivation, within me has been truly just spread too thin. My brain can't handle so much dedication at once! For the most part, I have really enjoyed having other things to be creative and interested in. The new career I am in has given me a lot, however, there are times where I really want to have the motivation back to keep this blog up. This all probably sounds like a broken record for the people who have stuck with me these past seven years, but you all know that this is how I process different things. So I've come to a decision that I'll pause the repetitiveness and come back here and there, with less pressure on myself to constantly have to update. When I do come back, hopefully the content will be better than if I was updating every single day or week. Please enjoy these links that I've rounded up for the month of February!

  • This Lorde song has been stuck in my head for the past month. What a beautiful, melodic song to make you feel so many different emotions. I finally caved in and am going to see her next month at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul! Hopefully this song will be just as gorgeous in person.
  • Speaking of concerts, I am also seeing Kate Nash for the first time in the next couple months. Her new album is fire. 
  • Dua Lipa - I'll see you in June! 
  • Spring is just around the corner and Eloquii is killing it with their new arrivals. These Luna Printed Cylinder Heels are unexpectedly a must for me. 
  • Oh hey, it's me in t-shirt form! 
  • A current obsession of mine? Embroidered faux leather jackets - they are amazing. Tough and feminine, the perfect duo. 
  • With spring and summer arriving very soon, I am on the hunt for a good pair of prescription sunglasses. I've had no luck finding a pair in my price range but then I instantly remembered BonLook and their amazing pricing. This pair may be just what the eye doctor ordered. 
  • If you haven't seen 'Annilihation', do not read this article. My long-time friend, Lindsey Romain, is a fantastic journalist and wrote this spectacular piece on Natalie Portman and the incredibly beautiful movie she is now in. Natalie brings her all in this masterpiece and I highly recommend that everyone goes to see it in the cinema. 
  • I also thoroughly enjoyed this article about a relatively unknown horror show called 'Channel Zero' on SyFy. It is not a show that I would have ever imagined myself enjoying, however once it sinks its teeth into you - you are hooked. If you have ever read a Creepypasta story, this show is for you. It's incredibly well made and builds so well on the suspense. The last episode for this season literally made my skin crawl.
  • These street style looks from NYFW are INSPIRING.
  • I enjoy reading my horoscope for the year - this is what mine says for 2018. 
  • So you're all watching This Is Us, right? Go ahead and watch this fanvid and be ready to cry your eyes out. It is the perfect roundup of everything that has happened up to the last episode. It's insanely beautiful.
  • This Instagram feed by Luke Abrahams is the perfect travel inspiration for the England area.
  • Kristen Wiig x James Corden trying to duet 'Hallelujah' is definitely greatest thing to make me laugh in awhile.
  • All the stunning F/W '18 collections! 


Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Anyone watch the SAG Awards on Sunday? Yeah, neither did I! I actually didn't even have the chance to watch the red carpet while it was happening, however, it was fun to be able to find all my favorite looks at the same time afterwards. While the Golden Globes had the amazing and inspiring #TimesUp movement with every celebrity wearing black on the red carpet, the SAG Awards this year found itself hosting a wide variety of colors, prints and embellishments. I guess you could say it was back to business for the celebrities to bring their A-game?! It was nice to see the one-in-a-few celebrity still supporting the movement with the adorning button, I wish I could have seen a bit more though. If you're going to make a bold statement, an award show is a good place to start. Please see below for ten of my favorite looks!
1. Natalia Dyer in Dior Couture

Why I love it: What is not to love? I had to make her my BEST DRESSED of the entire night. The intergalactic print, paired with a lace bodice makes for the perfect silhouette on Natalia's petite frame. It also speaks highly of her personal taste and style, which I think has improved over the past year or so.
2. Vanessa Kirby in Valentino

Why I love it: For one of the first major award show red carpets I've seen her on, Vanessa did not hesitate to wow the crowd in this gorgeous floral sleeveless gown. I love everything about this - from the makeup to the accessories. Definitely makes me feel like it's spring already.
3. Susan Kelechi Watson in Rubin Singer

Why I love it: Channeling Old Hollywood, in one of three cobalt blue dresses on this list! Can you believe her and the other leading women of 'This Is Us' all showed up in this beautiful color? Serendipity, baby! This color is absolutely stunning on her and matches perfectly with her hairstyle, which I am obsessed with as well, that pulls the entire look together.
4. Brie Larson in Gucci

Why I love it: Look closer at her makeup and you'll see the main reason Brie is number four on this list. That blue eyeshadow has me reminiscing about the early 2000's and I am here for it! The sequin and crystallized Gucci gown doesn't hurt either, making for her to channel her inner femininity.
5. Chrissy Metz in kate spade new york

Why I love it: The second cobalt dress on this list! FYI: I am going to always support Chrissy on the red carpet. She has been killing it lately in regards to getting custom gowns made perfectly for her body. Did you see the custom Eloquii  dress she wore to the Critics Choice Awards? It is so inspiring to see plus-size fashion worn so eloquently and flattering on someone in the entertainment industry. She is unapologetic on the way she looks, she is fierce and funny as hell. Love you, Chrissy!
6. Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph & Russo Couture

Why I love it: Can you gush over a white gown with a matching cape? I think you can when the daughter of Diana Ross is wearing it.
7. Daniel Kaluuya in Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

Why I love it: You can always expect the classic men's tux to hit the red carpet during award show season, however, there is always that one stand out guy that switches it up. Daniel is that person for me during the SAG Awards this year. The velvet loafers, the detailing on the suit jacket, even down to the jewelry! ­čĹî
8. Mandy Moore in Ralph Lauren

Why I love it: A vision in blue! The third and final cobalt dress on this list features an actress that I have loved for quite a long time. Mandy looks like a shimmering glitter goddess in this ultra-slimming gown that must have been designed and fitted just for her. It's a pretty straightforward look but it obviously made a statement since she is glowing in every photo that was taken of her on Sunday night.
9. Saoirse Ronan in Louis Vuitton

Why I love it: All that glitters is pink for Saoirse, in this floor length, sleeved gown. I particularly like that this pink is such a breath of fresh air. It feels light and perfect for an event like this award show.
10. Kelly Marie Tran in Mary Katrantzou


Who was your favorite this year?

Mostly Lisa