Beauty Tips On A Budget

Friday, February 21, 2014

So happy it's finally Friday! I am ready for a weekend of doing nothing but lounge around the house and staying warm. Do any of you have any fun plans?

Today's post is pretty cool! I was approached by a Community Outreach Manager for HSN (Home Shopping Network) to talk about a budget-friendly post on beauty tips. The first part will be from one of their bloggers, Lara, who started a list that has some great advice on how to find the right product that you can buy within reason. Not only will your wallet be happy, but you'll have long lasting makeup that you can enjoy for an extended period of time. Here is the beginning of her list, and I thought I would add a couple of my own!

1. Build A Better Makeup Bag
At times, I look through my stash and find no fewer than a dozen variations of the exact same lip shade. None of these products get used consistently and they mostly end up expiring before I can even scratch the surface. I've learned that by better editing my purchase decisions, I can make sure that I have a variety of products that I use more frequently – and I’m more likely to use them to the very last drop.

2. Clean Your Brushes
Not only are makeup brushes expensive, but they also touch all of your makeup. By keeping them clean, not only are you extending their life, but also the life of your products. Keeping powders and blushes free and clear of oils and bacteria that tend to break them down will help them live a longer life.
3. Keep It Pretty
You will never find my hard earned makeup knocking around in a vanity drawer or at the bottom of my purse. Oh, the horror! I’m careful to keep my beauty treasures tucked inside of pouches when I’m on the go or on a tray sitting on my vanity at home. This way, there’s far less chance that they will crack or explode, wasting precious product.

4. Scrape The Bottom
I recently discovered these little spatulas that you can use to actually scrape the bottom of your makeup bottles to get to the very end of them. I’ve also been known to use them after cutting open tubes of concealer and lip gloss to collect one final application. Brilliant!

5. Portion Control
It may go without saying, but using only what you need can really make your makeup last. I found that I was always left with unneeded foundation or extra moisturizer after applying, so I downsized my dose and I’m wasting less. Making other small changes like not spraying my fragrance into the air and walking through it has also helped!

Here are my tips....
1. Testing...One, Two, Three
I have a big belief in trying things out before you actually invest in buying it. This goes hand in hand with whatever type of beauty product I decide to purchase. Samples of these said products are really great and so I enjoy asking for them because then I can test the waters and see what works best for me. While I've only recently been beginning to wear more makeup, I've had the courage to venture out of the norm since I was able to see what worked for my skin tone and eye color. By being able to get free samples you can then go ahead and invest in buying the products. Easy, right?

2. What Works Best
 Another great way to update your beauty regime on a budget, is to know what will work best for your skin tone. Since there are 'typically' three different types of skin tones, you can easily go out to a drug store and be able to match the best color to yours. I would recommend actually going to a beauty counter and get someone to do it for you. I am still scared to do this after seeing people get one side of their face done, haha. This shouldn't be stressful though and there are tons of helpful sites out there for all of us to look at.

3. Be Able to Multi-Task
Since you want to be able to save when you are buying beauty products, why not invest in something that can give you various options in one item? This focuses more on eye shadows, blushes, eyeliner, etc. There are some great eye shadow palettes out there that come in a range of colors that you can mix together to become something completely new! Some can be a highlighter, brow filler and eyeliner all in one!

........There you have it! Hope you enjoy!

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Mostly Lisa

Wanderlust For The Atlantis Resort + Liebster Award

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Now that the weather has been slowing getting warmer, even though it's going to get cold AGAIN next week, my wanderlust and traveling bug has been kicked in full force. I have been entering contests to win trips to various warm places to no avail, I've even been dreaming about laying in the sand underneath the warm sun. I might have a problem....
It's so weird to say I've never actually been to a place that was specifically somewhere on a beach where you could lay out in your swimsuit and tan. My family trips while I was growing up was always somewhere in the Midwest, and it was either winter already or beginning to become it. I use to watch those Mary-Kate & Ashley movies and dream about being a character in one of them. You know the ones where they always had the money to go traveling to some place ridiculously amazing? My favorite one is when they went to Atlantis in the Bahamas, 'Island in the Sun,' and spent their time going to parties and kissing cute boys. Ever since then I've wanted to go to this place since it seems absolutely breathtaking. I mean, look at these pictures! That water is so inviting and the lounge areas/rooms look so comfortable. I wish places this nice didn't have to be so expensive to go to. But if anyone ever wants to go with me someday, let me know! I'd be so down to split the bill with someone, haha. I guess for now I will just sit back and dream about the sun, drinking a nice cold beer and wearing maxi dresses again. Ahhhhh, yes please.

And now, while you're still dreaming also, I found out I got nominated for a Liebster Award! Thank you to the beautiful, becoming Hayley for the nomination. This is a beautiful celebration of finding new blogs and inspiring people to continue pursuing their passion. I am not going to nominate anyone since I know a lot of you already have been, so hope you all at least enjoy reading my answers.

The rules are as follows: - You post 11 random facts about yourself.
- You answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post.
- And finally, you choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award!
1. I am a big hopeless romantic and always have been. I like to believe that there is a love out there for everyone, but sometimes it just takes awhile for everyone to find it.
2. I have been doubting myself for quite awhile now since I graduated college. I've been applying to various jobs since September and have not gone to one interview. It has dragged me down and made very stressed. I just want to be happy in a job that I am passionate about.
3. The last food I would ever want to eat before I died would be a New York-style pizza with all of my favorite toppings.
4. I may be involved in a lot of fandom, but I just can't become too involved in it because it stresses me out. People be crazy obsessed sometimes!
5. I believe dogs are > cats.
6. I think I will always have body issues but I am slowly trying to overcome them as I grow older.
7. If I never have children I will be perfectly content on just being an Aunt to my two nephews.
8. Singing out loud in my bedroom is one of my favorite pastimes.
9. I love my sense of humor, even though it can be very odd sometimes.
10. Books will always be favorite thing to do before I fall asleep. It has to be a hard or soft cover though.
11. I may be a little obsessed with handbags. I have over 25 of them.
1. If you could spend a day with anyone, dead or alive, famous or not, who would it be?
This is a tough question, I have been going back and forth on who I would really want to get to know and spend a day with. Two people are in the forefront of my mind, but I will go with the one that I think I'd get the most interesting knowledge from. Jane Austen.... I mean, I think we're kindred souls and it'd be amazing to just see her process and her mind work.
2. Who is your style icon and why?
Keira Knightley is flawless in her fashion choices. She is quintessentially British and has the best designers at her fingertips where she can pick and choose what she wears to different events. Some of my favorite outfits of hers was doing her promotional tour for Atonement and The Edge of Love.
3. If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
A. Find a job where I can put my talents to use.
B. Have a steady income.
C. Go traveling around the world at least once.
4. What is one thing that you would do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?
Move to New York.
5. What made you start blogging?
I've been a very visual and creative person. I used to put together collages of photos that inspired me from different magazines, and was always interested in fashion and how I could relate to it. When Livejournal was pretty big back in 2003/2004, I enjoyed putting that creative ability to use online. I also did a lot of writing/sharing my thoughts and had a pretty big audience. After that started to decline in usage, I found a ton of inspiration in people who started blogging and deciding I would start it also. It was the best decision I made since it's now my biggest passion.
6. Describe your perfect vacation.
What a perfect question! Like I said up above, my ideal vacation would be somewhere warm and tropical. Laying on the beach, drinking a margarita and having fun with friends. I just need to do this sometime.
7. Describe yourself with 5 adjectives.
Funny, caring, passionate, sensitive, ardent.
8. What’s something that can always make you smile?
Pictures of my nephews growing up before my eyes.
9. What is one of your favorite memories?
It's literally the second quarter of my college career and I'm able to travel to London and Paris for two weeks. One week in London and one week in Paris. I had been dreaming of going to London for such a long time and I was able to go there, be independent and embrace the culture. I was sick in Paris so it wasn't as much fun, but I got to see the Eiffel Tower in person! I miss that trip so much because it was at a pivotal turning point for me.
10. What is your greatest fear?
Passing away and regretting things that I didn't do while I was younger. Essentially dying and not being happy with how my life turned out.
11. What would you do with a million dollars?
What wouldn't I do?! Pay my college loans, help my parents out with their retirement, move to New York, buy a new car and be content.
 (Photos : Vacation Idea)
Mostly Lisa

Fashion Friday: I Am My Own Valentine

Friday, February 14, 2014
OUTFIT: Top: H&M+ | Tank: Old Navy | Pants: Gap | Flats: Torrid | Purse: Betsey Johnson
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have found this holiday to be a great time to reflect on the love you have for yourself and for others. I think it's important to love yourself first before committing to a relationship and it's taken me a long time to accept that. I think it's beautiful to be happy in your skin first and then I think it will rub off on the people around you. So there's my little piece of advice for today.

For those of us who are single, I give you a big high five and super big hug. For those of you who are in a relationship, I hope you have a lovely day with your significant other and just spend time with eachother. Enjoy your mutual love for one another. I am going to be spoiling MYSELF today and am going to be curled up watching Pride and Prejudice in bed, while eating a delicious dinner and some good chocolate. This is kind-of my tradition each year, and I am not ashamed to say it. I have to work before I can do any pampering for myself, so I decided on wearing this outfit to work. I don't think it's too much or too little. This top by H&M+ is so flattering and really can be worn to work or out on the town. The rose details on it are so perfect and you don't have to accessorize with it. My pop of color in this outfit are my nails and then my flats from Torrid. These Valentino-inspired studded flats are my favorite and I love that they make a statement on their own. They're not around anymore since I got them for like $3, but you can find different versions everywhere. Hope you can find some if you can't afford the real version.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for reading Mostly Lisa, I love all of you!
**Graphic done by the lovely vevelicious intern, Kelsey Gvesrude! Thank you lady!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Kids

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In the last edition of my Valentine's Gift Guide series, I am talking all about the cutest kids in our lives. While I don't have kids of my own I do have two adorable nephews that I love to spoil and give tons of love. I also work at GapKids and so I am constantly surrounded by adorable clothing and gift ideas. While the holiday is 4 days away from now, I hope these ideas can hopefully help you get something if you're stuck. Thanks for reading!

Paddington Bear™ Graphic Footed One-Piece ($30) : Had to include this super cute one-piece from GapKids that has an illustration of Paddington Bear on the front. I'm getting it for my youngest nephew and I know it's going to be adorable on him.

Bow Canvas Shoes ($33) : Tiny, tiny shoes for little girls are my WEAKNESS! Look at these! They even have a heart print inside of them.

Eyelet Flutter Sleeve Top ($27) : This top is part of Gap's new spring collection and it's full of pastels and prints. I love this one because of its simplicity and that your daughter or niece can wear it with anything.

City Graphic T ($15) : Gap + London = greatness. These city graphic t's come in several different cities and are great to wear when playing outside or with a friend.

Mustache Bib ($7) : I mean, really?!

Paddington Bear™ Family Graphic Bodysuit ($13) : This Gap bodysuit is also part of the Paddington Bear collection and so adorable. Your niece will be showing love for you on this Valentine's Day.

Two-Pack Socks ($11) :  These holiday themed socks would look great paired with a cute pair of shoes or a nice pair of pants.

'You Are So Loved' Print ($12) : Moving on to items other than clothing, this super cute print from Etsy would be perfect to hang in your child's bedroom. Make sure they know you love them and always will be.

Balloons Necklace ($28) : I've never heard of Sarah Jane Studios, but I am sure glad I have now. She makes customizable items for boys and girls that will be long lasting. This adorable necklace features an illustration of a bunny rabbit floating with balloons. It also comes in 3 different chain lengths! Go check out her site!

'You Are Very Sweet Indeed' Card ($6) : As with my other gift guides, I've had a special card for the holiday and so I had to include one in this one. This bright and colorful card comes from Sugar Paper, L.A. and I think it's really adorable to give to any kid on Valentine's Day.

Good Things For Boys by Seedling ($25) : Amazon comes up with some pretty neat stuff that you don't normally find anywhere else. When I was searching for different gifts, I found this really interesting item from a company in New Zealand. They're called Seedling and they put together these kits that host a variety of products. This  one is for boys and encourages them to think outside of the box and use their creativity. What an idea!

Love Monster by Rachel Bright ($14) : You can't go wrong with a good book for your tiny tot, and I love reading to my oldest nephew out loud. This themed book centers around a 'monster' that is trying to fit in with the citizens of 'Cutesville', I mean how awesome is it to get a book that shows diversity and has great illustrations?!

Build-A-Bear ($20-$40) : I recommend getting this gift for the older kids, since they will get more use out of it and will really enjoy creating their own bear. I enjoy this company because it's something really special for you and your child to experience together.

Conversation Heart Crayons ($8 for 5) : Another Etsy find, these heart crayons are eco-friendly and come in several different colors. You can get five of them for a really cheap price and they're supposed to last a long time. This shop is really great too, she hand-makes these recycled items and sells them for a decent price. Can't go wrong with that.

Mostly Lisa

ModCloth + Week of Love

Saturday, February 8, 2014
Shop ModCloth? On Instagram? Well, why not join in on the fun and participate in their #MODWEEKOFLOVE by ModCloth!

"Love is in the air and in the spirit of Valentine's Day ModCloth is asking their Instagram community to participate in a love-inspired ModCloth Instagram Challenge Simply follow the schedule in the image below, tag your photo's with #modweekoflove @ModCloth and share the things you love the most with the ModCloth community!"

Make sure to check out my Instagram for my entries, and hope you can participate in this fun challenge! Let me know in the comments if you do! This contest ends on 2/14/14!
 **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
Mostly Lisa

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him


While I have only ever bought a gift for my father on this holiday, Valentine's Day gifts for the men in our lives are always a little tricky. We quintessentially think of this holiday as just for the girls, and rightfully so, but I think it's nice to try to keep in mind that gifts for guys can be manly and romantic at the same time. Here are some ideas that I came up with that you can get for your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc. Hope they help!

"One Pan, Two Plates" Cookbook ($25) : This book is a great idea to get for your significant other before the actual holiday, so then you can plan ahead and cook something together! Whip up something tasty and know you had fun making it.

Cupid Heart Print Boxers ($13) : These boxers from Gap are so cute/sexy and would be a great gag gift to give your boyfriend or husband.

D&G The One For Men ($62) : I've smelled this cologne in stores and it is heavenly. Buy it for your man!

You're A Fox Card ($5) : This card from Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect way to express your feelings for your boy-toy and not be too cheesy about it.

Keds Champion Spring ($45) : Keeping up with the theme of the holiday, these Keds sneakers are manly enough that your BF could wear them with any neutral outfit.

Poplin Shirt ($20) : If you're planning on going out to dinner on the special night, make sure he looks clean cut and handsome in this perfect button down.

Wayfarer Sunglasses ($4) : I am a weak-in-the-knees kind-of gal for a man who wears sunglasses. Just make sure he doesn't wear them at night.

The Beer Pong Socks ($8) : It's beer, Ping-Pong and affordable. Can't go wrong with that.

Beats by Dr. Dre Halo Headphones ($200) : These are a little more expensive, but I've only heard amazing things about these headphones. Again with the theme of the holiday, these headphones keep out distracting noise and are fashionable.

Wallace & Barnes Wallet ($68) : This J.Crew accordion wallet is made of leather and comes in a great color. Make sure your man brings it with him whenever you go out to eat, so he can pay for you.

Forage Stripe Bow Tie ($70) : I've never heard of Nest Dallas before, but their little online shop has some great items. This bow tie is one of them, and would look great with that white button shirt!

Rhino Art Print ($8) : Etsy is a great place to look for handmade gifts and items! When I came across this print that takes old books and enlarges different animals over the text, I thought what a great idea to put on this gift guide. It's different and original and would look great in your man's office.

Color-Block Pocket Tee ($20) : You just can't go wrong with a basic shirt that has a subtle twist to it! Not only are these tees super comfy, they last a long time also.

Hershey's Kisses ($2) : If you can't come up with anything else, give him a Hershey's Kiss and tons of love.

Mostly Lisa

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
It's pretty crazy that we're already quickly approaching February 14th! I decided it'd be fun to do what I did for Christmas and create another Gift Guide series that will hopefully help any readers that are in a slump on what to get for their significant other, family member, or a best friend. This first installment is all about the ladies, because it has to be right?! I am not just talking about flowers and chocolate this time, because for Valentine's Day you can really go all out on one item and it will mean a lot. I enjoy a grown-up Valentine's Day much more than when I was kid because I can spoil myself on this day, I am single, and not be ashamed of it. I've created a list of some lovely items that are for your girlfriend, sister, mother, or anyone else in your life! Enjoy! I already know I want that bottle of champagne and the cupcake.....
Fill With Me Love Jar Card ($4) : Might as well start off easy with this super adorable themed card that can be for anyone. Paper Source is a great destination to stop by and find other great cards for any holiday.
butter LONDON Blood Red Nail Polish ($15) : Blood red nail polish? Sign me up! Especially if you have other friends who are single, you can have a mani/pedi night that will be full of gossip.

 Eberjey Fiona Bralet ($58) | Eberjey Fiona Lace Thong ($35) : This deliciously sexy lace combo is something I have my eye on. It's a gorgeous color and is a perfect amount of coverage.

 Crumbs Cupcakes ($10-$40) : Gimme the cupcakes! All of them! If you've never heard of Crumbs, they're based in New York and are massive cupcakes filled with decadence. One cupcake is enough, but if you're daring you can order a duo pack and have it sent to your house all around the country.

Diamond Heart Stack Ring ($390) : I found this super cute stack ring through an e-mail I got from Refinery29 and had to include it in my guide. It's not too overwhelming and has the right amount of sparkle in its heart-shaped pendant.

Bow Pump ($195) : I have seen this pump all around Pinterest and had to check out where it was from. While it's insanely out of my price range, I think it's a lovely investment piece for any woman's wardrobe. It comes in several different colors, but this red is to die for.

Tocca Cleopatra Candle ($20) : Ms. Nicollete Mason included this candle in her article for Marie Claire's February issue, so I obviously had to do the same. I've heard this scent is soft and very feminine, which is a must have for your bedroom.

Pride and Prejudice ($8) : Mr. Darcy + English countryside + British accents = BEAUTIFUL way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Makes me wish I lived in the Regency era...

Williams-Sonoma Home Baked Comfort Cookbook ($35) : This cookbook is filled with amazing comfort food that would make a tasty gift for your BFFs! Or you could even keep it for yourself and cook up some yummy treats to share with them.

Miller and Jeeves Mini Suede Clutch ($75) : This is simply on here because it's a perfect go-to for the holiday, and it's not too overwhelming. Raspberry is the color name and it's definitely sweet.

Wake Me For Coffee Sleepmask ($26) : I don't really wear sleepmasks, but I would consider changing my opinion and wearing this one. The statement could not be more true to my life.

Kate Spade Chandelier Earrings ($98) : Earrings are always a good decision for the lady in your life. These ones by Kate Spade are sure to go great with any outfit she wears on the day or afterwards.

J.Crew Crystal Nouveau Necklace  ($128) : When you see this necklace in real life, your jaw will drop. It's an absolute stunner and is quintessentially J.Crew.

Skinnygirl Prosecco ($30) : This champagne is fruity and tart. That's all I can say with hearts in my eyes.

Mostly Lisa

Simple Moments Stick Birthday Celebration Giveaway

Simple Moments Stick is Two
Today, Simple Moments Stick is two!  Birthday parties are the best way to celebrate but, since we can't all get together to party, a group of twenty-three bloggers teamed up to offer up an absolutely AMAZING prize!!!

It's a $200 Paypal Cash Giveaway!!!

Susannah1Blogiversary 1Blogiversary 2Blogiversary 3

1.  Susannah from Simple Moments Stick
2.  Amy from The Silver Lining
3.  Kotryna from Girl with a Movie Camera

Blogiversary 4Blogiversary 5Blogiversary 6Blogiversary 7

1.  Sarah from Life as Always
2.  Sybil from Peace it all Together
3.  Wendy from Effie Girl
4.  Elena from Cropped Stories

Blogiversary 8Blogiversary 9Blogiversary 10Blogiversary 11

1.  Jayda from Avocado Grove
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4.  Kelly from Sparkles and Shoes

Blogiversary 12Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetBlogiversary 14Blogiversary 15

1.  Jamie from Handling with Grace
2.  Charity from The Word of a Nerd
3.  Julie from Tidbits and Scraps
4.  Stephanie from Just a Little Bit Louder

Blogiversary 16Blogiversary 17Blogiversary 18Blogiversary 19

1.  Elizabeth from Oak and Oats
2.  Lisa from Mostly Lisa
3.  Caroline from In Due Time
4.  Stephanie from Army Crafter

Blogiversary 20Blogiversary 21Blogiversary 22

1.  Jenn from Quirky Pickings
2.  Amy from Taking Steps Home
3.  Ashley from Have Chashley, Will Travel
I am super happy to be apart of this great giveaway with all of these lovely bloggers to celebrate Susannah's 2 year anniversary on her blog! Simple Moment's Stick is a great blog filled with lovely content, so I hope you all check it out and you can enter to win a $200 in PayPal cash! Good luck to you all!
Mostly Lisa