Design A Kitchen

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Now I am still living with my parents, which has been an absolute life safer as I don't have to pay rent, but it's as long as I'm in school and working. This can happen as long as I stick with both and help out around the house. Obviously I really would like to move out sometime soon and actually be independent. I have dreams of what I would like my apartment to be, and eventually what I would want my house to look like. An essential part of any house is the kitchen. It's the place where you can cook amazing meals, have fun conversations, and decorate with fun and whimsical ideas. My Pinterest has been the perfect place to set up ideas and inspirations on what my DREAM kitchen would look like. Bear with me though, these are just wishes and wants. I have no idea or clue of what my kitchen will look like when I move out, but here's hoping it'll look like any of these.
When I Get An Apartment:
I love the mix of exposed brick and the brightness of light coming in from the windows. This would be a perfect area to eat breakfast and cook dinner. I love how comforting it feels also.
I love this take on an apartment kitchen, it's super open and airy. It'd be a perfect spot to have dinners and maybe even throw some parties.
I also really love this kitchen from an apartment in Sweden. So light and airy, I especially love the runner with a bold pop of blue. It's the perfect space to cook and have a good time.
If I Ever Get A House:
The color scheme in this kitchen is so wonderful and I love the center island being the place where you can sit down and have a cup of coffee. The marble walls and steel appliances don't hurt either.

How cool would this kitchen be? It's called a "Split-Level Kitchen" because it places a staircase in between a upper and lower level. The kitchen sits below the dining room and makes for easy access to either level. SO AWESOME!

I am in love with the seating for this kitchen. The lighting reflects so well on the wooden table and progressively blends into the exposed brick wall. Such a cool concept for a modern and vintage feel.  If you go to the website also, it shows pictures of how huge the kitchen actually is. When can I move in?
Mostly Lisa

A Dress For My Body Type

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Being a curvier woman, I often have difficulty finding the right dress for my body type. But with retailers being more open to plus sizes, it's getting a little easier. I've also found inspiration from other fashion bloggers who have been setting the trend on what looks right for our silhouettes. Girl With Curves has been a constant source of ideas and I highly recommend checking out her blog. She is fabulous and knows what she's talking about. Nicolette Mason is another must read! She actually writes and has her own column in Marie Claire magazine. Must say she's someone I really look up to and can only dream of achieving what she has. Bow down.
But back to finding a dress for my body type, like I said previously there has been a growing trend in finding the right resource for a curvier body. I have a few favorite retailers that accomodate to my needs, and these are just some of the dresses I would wear.
I think I might need to go shopping! Each one of these retailers have fairly reasonable prices and make such flattering decisions for curvier women. I especially am fond of SimplyBe because they are an online retailer that aims specifically for plus size fashion. I only recently found out about them, but I am very happy I did! Do any of you have any favorite plus-size retailers? Let me know!
Mostly Lisa

These Things: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
It's a rare case when I am in love with an entire collection, I usually only like a few pieces here and there. This collection though from Samantha Pleet is absolutely stunning. It's ethereal and filled with flowing movement. Deep hues are adorned on intricate prints. It's the perfect collection for Autumn.

Marchesa Fall 2013 RTW
While I had several different favorites from the Fall 2013 collections during NYFW, Marchesa was one of my top choices. This dress screams elegance and is something I would wear if I was a Princess in some far off land. If you want to see some of my other favorites from NYFW, LFW, MFW, and PFW check out my Pinterest!

This view in Paris.
I mean, how amazing is this? Gives me the urge to want to travel and find special places that could be just as beautiful as this.

Have a great Wednesday!

Mostly Lisa

Target + Prabal Gurung

Friday, February 15, 2013
Target has come up with some awesome collabs in the past, but I'm really excited for this one they just launched. The Target + Prabal Gurung collection is full of bright florals, sheer blouses, neon dresses, and more. I personally cannot wait to stop at my local store and pick up some of these favorites. Do any of you have some must-have pieces from this collection?

Mostly Lisa

Be My Valentine

Friday, February 8, 2013
I've really only recently begun to appreciate this holiday. It's not even just because it celebrates love, but I think it can also be about loving yourself. I don't look to this holiday as a cliche day to buy gifts for that special someone, I look at it now to love myself. So for the past few years I've taken the day to just pamper myself. I'll buy my own flowers and chocolates, and I'll watch 'Pride & Prejudice' by myself. It's taken a long time for me to be okay with being on my own on this holiday, but then I guess I'm really not. But here are just a few gifts I'd treat myself on this day. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mostly Lisa

A Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Wednesday! The week has been speeding past, I've been blogging nonstop for I've Got Your Style and it's so much fun. It's been giving me so much inspiration and different ideas keep floating around my head. But for today, it's a small post. Just a few wishes for items I would love to have in my closet!
Have a fabulous day!
Mosty Lisa