Tuesday, December 31, 2013
(Photo Source: HWTM)
Obligatory 'WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?' is needed to begin this post. It's hard to believe we are moving so quickly into a new year that will bring new hopes and dreams. Tonight I will be surrounded by family and my dog, drinking champagne, watching movies and enjoying a delicious dinner. It's going to be a laid back night, but I am alright with this. I think it's good to have a night to relax and just let other people have fun. I don't like to think like this, but I am perpetually single and so it's hard sometimes to go and celebrate on a night where a kiss is most often expected. Maybe next year, right?
I thought I would also reflect back on some of the major parts of 2013 that happened to me. It's hard to sometime remember every little detail, but these stand out.
  • Started working at I've Got Your Style, which is a local Personal Styling company here in Minneapolis, where I helped with social media outreach and updating the blog.
  • My lifelong friend, Tammy, married her sweetheart in Austin, Texas. It was the first time I had been in the state.
  • Visited my beautiful friend Lexi in California. I stayed there for four days and it was an absolute blast.
  • FINALLY got my driver's license after two failed attempts. I started crying in the car because I was so happy.
  • My beautiful second nephew, Riley, was born on August 30th. He was 7 lbs., 6 oz. I feel super blessed because I helped my sister during the two days while she was in the hospital. I got to see him grow just in those first few days. So special.
  • Began my first day of my last class of my college career in September.
  • Saw Mumford and Sons for the first time at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was epic to say the least.
  • Attended my Portfolio Show where I presented my final product to faculty members, industry professionals and guests.
  • Attended my GRADUATION and am now officially a college graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Fashion Retail & Management.
  • Ready to put on my big girl pants and find a job!
Here's hoping that 2014 will be just as epic. I have a lot of goals and hopes for this upcoming year, which I hope will come true. To start it off with a bang, look to Mostly Lisa tomorrow for a brand new theme and layout! I am very excited to show everyone and switch up the look and feel of this passion. Much love to you all and I all hope you have a fantastic NYE and 2014!
Mostly Lisa

Take A Peek Into The Looking Glass

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hope you all had a fabulous holiday! I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and we're now looking forward to the New Year. This weekend is going to very relaxing, but I wanted to share some beautiful photography.

I am a huge fan of fairytales, and so when I found this gorgeous Holiday 2013 lookbook through Honey Kennedy, I was super inspired. It's moody and mysterious, and features some beautiful vintage clothing. That first dress is to die for! I had never heard of Summerland before, but I am glad I ventured through their site. They have some lovely items for winter including their Frost Top, Chelsea Coat and their Yoko Tunic. Take a look through their shop and let me know what you'd buy! Have a great weekend.
Mostly Lisa

Happy Holidays From Mostly Lisa

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
Hello everyone! Merry Christmas, from my family to yours! I truly hope you all have a beautiful and happy holiday. It's been an absolute blast getting to know each and every one of you this year, and I can't believe how much more I have grown through Mostly Lisa. From the bottom of my heart thank you for reading my posts, connecting with me through Facebook and Twitter, making me smile with your lovely comments and for even just viewing my page. I hope you enjoy my little handwritten card above, thought it would make this post a little extra personal.
I will be spending Christmas day with my parents, eating some good food and watching my various options of several different movies. 'Muppet Christmas Carol' is at the top of my list. Also can't forget the Doctor Who Christmas special! We also received some more snow yesterday, so it's truly a White Christmas. Hope you all will be able to spend your day with loved ones, let me know in the comments of what you'll be doing! I am also deciding on doing a reflective post on the past year, but let me know also if you'd like to read that. Again, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you guys. xoxo!
Mostly Lisa

Let's Get Comfy

Friday, December 20, 2013
A Fancy Pajama Party
It's finally Friday, which means it's time for a relaxing weekend to gift wrap any last minute presents or to just watch holiday-themed movies. My weekend will be consisting of a belated celebration of my graduation by getting together with friends and playing a good game of bowling and eating good food. In the downtime though, I always make sure to wear comfortable clothes around the house. So my pajamas consist of cotton PJ pants and a fun t-shirt or long-sleeved T. I consider this my 'Must-Have', and have included that above with some other great PJ sets that can create a perfect fancy PJ party! So ladies, how will you will be staying comfy this weekend?!
Mostly Lisa

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Monday lovelies! It's been quite an eventful couple days! I graduated from college on Friday and am officially done with my college career. It's so weird saying that, and I really can't believe it's already done and passed. There was so much anticipation, nervousness, stress and so much more that went into this. Now I am done. It's time to put my big girl pants on and hopefully find the job I am meant to be apart of. I am in the works to put together an outfit post of what I wore because I thoroughly enjoyed what I put together for my portfolio show and for graduation. But enough about me and onto the subject I wanted to talk about today.

Holiday parties. We've all been invited to them, and we've either had a lot of fun or a lot of pain putting together the right outfit that will make us stand out against the party crowd. I myself enjoy a great glitter ensemble in whatever color possible, but I also know people enjoy looking relaxed and casual but with a pop of SHAZAM mixed in. I have put together three different outfits, all plus size because that is my target market, that will touch on three different moods. We have the casual yet sophisticated woman, the ritzy woman who enjoys sparkle and the glamorama woman that pulls out all the stops. Which of these three would you be? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you enjoy what I have put together.

Party Outfit #1: Casual Decadence Attendee

Party Outfit #2: Putting On The Ritz Attendee

Tuesday Inspiration: The Golden Corral

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Ah, the Holiday Gift Guides are finished. Now it's time to take the ideas I rounded up and bring them to action, I just hope that I can get everything I need in order for this holiday season to be extra magical. That magic brings me to what I am talking about in today's post! The gold trend has been around forever, and I noticed it was very present for fall and is now transitioning into winter. I do enjoy a great gold trend, as it can be easy to coordinate with anything and really makes you stand out. Gold is also very synonymous with the Holidays, and so I am going to give you some great inspiration on decorating your house/outfit/makeup/etc. during this time! I have also rounded up a cute outfit that I would wear in an instant to a Holiday party or get together. If I ever got invited to one, of course. Happy Tuesday!
Holiday Gold

Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Under $25

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you are all staying warm and getting your decorations up in your house for the holiday that you celebrate! We're just about to put up our tree and start decorating, but I wanted to give you one last installment of my Holiday Gift Guide! I also hope that my previous installments helped any of you out with some good ideas on what to get your family members and friends! It's been a lot of fun doing these gift guides, so I hope you all enjoyed them just as much. In this last installment I am talking all about finding a great gift that is under $25! 15 items that are under $25 which is about all I could fit in this, haha. Enjoy!
Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide: For the Older Bro or Sis

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
This next installment of my Holiday Gift Guide is for the older siblings in our lives. Whether you have one or a bunch of them, the older brother or sister can be a very important person to look up to! They are the person you either idolize or at least get confidence from. I know with my own sister that I am always able to talk to her and have a shoulder to cry on. I have not (obviously) had the experience of having an older brother, but I can only imagine how great it could be. So enjoy some of my gift ideas and I hope they go on your list! And of course, you can always rely on me finding budget friendly items! These, again, are under $100.

Animal Print Ballet Flats: You really can't go wrong with a great pair of flats! These great cheetah print ballet flats from Gap are perfect for a sister who is stylish and on her feet for long periods of time. From reviews on these, these flats easily mold to your feet shape and are very comfortable. Plus, they are on sale right now for only $40!

Osiris Mith Sneaker: I can only assume the older brother enjoys comfortable shoes, so these sneakers will add some great style to their wardrobe! These skate-inspired shoes are super casual and will look great with any outfit. Trick these up for only $30.

Kate Spade Things We Love Charm Bracelet: So Kate Spade has been a very common theme in most of these Gift Guides, but it's only because there are so many great gift ideas to choose from. This bracelet is a great take on a BFF bracelet that any older sister would love to wear. With cute charms that include pearls and diamonds, this would be a great stocking stuffer. It's a little pricey at $88, but it's something sis would remember for a long time.

Timex Watch: Make sure your bro knows what time it is with this great Timex watch from Macy's! It comes with a black leather strap that will look sleek with any outfit, whether he's dressing up or down and it's even water resistant. This is also a great item that will last him a long time and is a great investment piece. Price is $70.

Rebecca Minkoff Monogram Coin Purse: I definitely want to get something like this for my own sister, especially since it's extremely personalized! This leather coin purse is super cute and includes a monogrammed initial of your choosing! On it's only $50!

J.Crew CHUP Socks: Who doesn't love socks? Who doesn't love a great fair isle print? These combine both and are also from J.Crew. They are would be a perfect stocking stuffer and come in a variety of prints and colors. $34 only!

Ultra-Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream:  Victoria's Secret is a perfect place to stop in and grab some yummy smelling hand and body lotion. This exotic scent will keep your sis smelling great and have super soft skin! They also have a great special on this lotion, $12 for one or 3 for $25!

House of Marley Headphones: Earphones are a necessity for anyone, but for your brother you can get these great noise-isolating headphones from PacSun! Not only are these earth friendly, but they have their own button controller and will also work with his Apple devices. I actually want these for myself! This is another great investment piece and will cost you about $100. I definitely think they would be worth the money though, and your brother would definitely love you even more. 
Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dapper Dad

Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Black Friday, so I know that a lot of you are shopping for the holidays. What perfect time to do my next installment? So, next up on the list is the Dapper Dad! This man knows how to dress, is clean shaven or has a great beard, and looks to street style for inspiration. These items should please Dad because he can incorporate any one of them into his daily outfit or routine! On the plus side, only one item is over $100!

Ted Baker Paisley Bowtie: Ted Baker makes men's bowties that are impeccably styled and hand crafted. This gorgeous maroon paisley tie would look great during this holiday season. It comes in two different colors, maroon and blue, and is only $75!

Vintage Mercury Dime Cuff Links: What Dad doesn't love something vintage? What Dad doesn't love Brooks Brothers? Well with these silver cuff links, he would be over the moon! These ones just so happened to be hand crafted from the '40s, and cost only $95!

Stacy Adams Dalton Wingtip Oxfords: You really can't go wrong with a great pair of oxfords. These gorgeous pairs from Piperlime can create a sleek look for dad, that would match great with a pair of jeans or pants! Great thing too, they're only $49.

J.Crew Tall Vintage Oxford Shirt in Plaid: Plaid from J.Crew for Dad? Need I say more? $75

Black Textured Suspenders: If Dad wears a lot of suits, these textured suspenders would be a great gift idea. Since they are black, they'll go with any type of suit and will make him look extremely handsome. $36!

Edwin Jagger Leather Travel Shaving Pack: The cost of this amazing shaving pack may be $191, but boy would it be worth it to surprise dad on Christmas morning with it. The tagline for this shaving pack reads, "Edwin Jagger, impeccable male grooming accessories." So read closely, and buy this for dad!

Have a great Friday!
Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide: For A Stylish Mom

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It shouldn't take a lot of money to make Mom happy! So for this holiday season don't fret that you might have to break your wallet to find the right gift for her. From chic phone cases to great jewelry holders, these gift ideas I've come up will make her smile.

Kate Spade New York Skinny Mini Pearl Drop Earrings: These gorgeous earrings are only $58! You can't go wrong with pearls, and Mom will definitely feel like a star with these on her ears.

Rebecca Minkoff Sunglass Case: This leather sunglass case is super cute and is designed my Rebecca Minkoff! It protects mom's sunnies when she's switching between day and night. Total cost is only $75!

Hello Hello Slim iPhone 5 Case: For the tech savvy mother, this iPhone case is a perfect way to express her individuality. It's delightfully stylish with it's gold plated hello's! Plus side with this case, it's only $32.99!

Deux Lux Sweetspot ID Card Holder: From experience with my own mother, I think this cute polka dot card holder will be a great stocking stuffer. It will hold all of her important information, and she won't be able to lose it too easily since it's so bright! Your own card holder will be happy since it's only $35!

Swarovski Crystal Dot Bracelet: This gorgeous bracelet is only $68 and can easily be found at J.Crew! This work of art will look great on Mom's wrist, and she will always look down and think of you.

Uttermost Tribute to Rene & Odette: This gorgeous duo of paintings is perfect for a mother who is inspired by artwork. These prints are accented with a rustic silver frame. It'd look great over a mantelpiece.

Essenza Manual Black by NESPRESSO: Who doesn't love coffee? Who also wouldn't love to brew their own coffee/tea/espresso drinks in their own kitchen? Mom is no exception, and so this great device would be a great gift idea for the holiday. Right now it's only $96 on, so snatch it up before it sells out!

Polka Dot Infinity Scarf: The stylish Mom needs to stay warm this season! So keep on trend with polka dots with this gorgeous infinity scarf that is only $25!

Chloe Eau de Parfum: If you want to spend a little bit more on Mom, why not go with an absolutely beautiful perfume? This Chloe fragrance will leave mom refreshed and renewed, while letting her break out her chic side.

Mostly Lisa

Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide: For the BFF

Friday, November 22, 2013

Voluspa Large Glass Jar Candle: You really can't go wrong with giving candles as gifts. Especially for your BFF, it's an affordable item that you can give that will last a long time. This large glass jar candle comes in 9 different scents, but this Goji & Torocco Orange sounds divine!

Rose Dandelion Bib Necklace: BaubleBar is a really great go-to site for affordable, yet chic necklaces. Each necklace is really unique and can make your BFF look like a star. Check out this gorgeous bib necklace that is going to be a great statement with whatever they decide to wear with this!

Lollia Eau De Parfum: What girl doesn't love a gorgeous design perfume bottle? Not only will this gorgeous scent leave you smelling like a princess, but this decorative piece will look great sitting on your mantle after you're done using it.

Sugar Paper Kraft Polka Dot Notebook: This A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E notebook is going to be perfect for the friend that constantly takes notes. Whether she is working or blogging, this will hold everything she needs for important notes.

Wintergreen Christmas Card: The perfect Christmas card, for your perfect BFF. The annual greeting card for the holiday is extra special with this gorgeous luxe design by Rifle Paper Co.

butter LONDON '3 Free West End Wonderland' Nail Lacquer: I absolutely love butter LONDON so I had to include them in this list. How gorgeous is this nail color? It's going to be perfect for the holiday season, and will be festive enough without out being too out there.

Golden Monogram Mug: Does your BFF love coffee or tea? Well these golden monogram mugs would be perfect for her then! Choose her initial, and it's instantly personalized for her! I know someone else who has this on her wish list. (hint, hint.)

Pinecone Study Scarf: This super cute scarf from Madewell would be perfect for a stylish BFF. You have a great study of different pinecones, and who doesn't love a great pinecone?!

Kate Spade Emoticons Resin Phone Case for iPhone® 5: For your tech savvy BFF who enjoys using emoticons when texting. This great iPhone case is by Kate Spade, but is on sale right now! Go, go, go and get this great case that is perfect for the season.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed my first installment of my Holiday Gift Guide ideas! What would you want to see next?! Let me know in the comments.

Mostly Lisa

A November Wishlist

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
November Wishlist

It's Wednesday, and that means another wishlist for the month! Taking time out of my stress is very nice, and so I decided what better way to relax than to create a list of things I am coveting right now?! Think of it as an early shopping list for Christmas too, since I will most likely want all of these things next month as well.
I am currently obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. and their gorgeous hand-made illustrations of flowers and cities. Anthropologie has a super cute gold dot pillow that would be perfect to spruce up my room. ModCloth has a perfect set of grey gloves that are also versatile for function! You also can't forget peonies! These gorgeous flowers are just so classic, and I am hoping to have them at my graduation. Since I am also currently loving the new season of 'Once Upon A Time' in Neverland, why not reread a childhood favorite of 'Peter Pan'? These are just a few of my favorite things for the month of November! Hope you enjoy!
Mostly Lisa


Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit

Friday, November 8, 2013
So I am really late on this train, but I figure I still have a chance to share and put it out there that I receieved it! I am apart of the HerCampus Blogger Network and I signed up to get their Back-to-School Survivor Kit that is jam packed with a bunch of great samples to hand out. You may be asking what is in this great kit, and I will be telling you! (Yes, I also know that it is way past the beginning of college but it never hurts to get ready for the next semester or quarter early.)
I opened up the box and saw this great postcard with a very nice note on the back.
"Hey collegiates, welcome back to campus! We are so excited to have you are on our team and running our HerCampus chapter at your school. As a thank you for all that you do, we've sent you some of our favorite goodies. Enjoy these with your team, and have a wonderful semester. xoxo, The HerCampus National Team." Isn't that so sweet?!
First off, we have to have a great clipboard to handle all of our work during the quarter. I love added bonus of the sticker on the back. I am currently using it as holding all of my important papers for the end of my own quarter.
More swag featuring! This great bag is perfect to put on your back and hold all of your books and notebooks. Definitely going to be using this for outings around the city and fun events!
The first product I saw was these great yellow notebooks by a brand I have never of. Poppin is the name, and they sell super cute supplies for school. There were 10 of these notebooks, and they are the perfect size to keep notes with these great green gel pens! There were also 8 of these gel ink pen boxes, with 5 of them in each. Definitely sharing them with people around me.

Poppin proves that school supplies and dorm décor do not need to be boring anymore! They help you rule the classroom and campus in style and color because they aren’t just an office supply company; they sell work style products that allow you to work happy. With the new colorful notebooks and pens you are guaranteed to brighten up your campus! For $5 off your next purchase, use code: DORMSTYLE.
The next few items were some more great swag from HerCampus. These pens are super easy on the hand and nice to write with. Going to be handing some these around campus to tell fellow friends about the site.  I also love the sticker featuring Audrey Hepburn and the window sticker.
Some of the final products I received were these LUNA S'mores bars and Neuro SONIC Energy water. Both are super delicious and I have tried before, so it was a nice surprise to have these in there. I ended up getting three packages of this water to hand out. I don't know when this will happen, but I am hoping that I can get them out to people that I know. It's a really great water and it doesn't give you the jitters, it just makes you focused. Then the LUNA bars are pretty delicious also, they are just tasty.
Neuro SONIC:
Neuro SONIC provides great taste and sustained, focused energy. Neuro SONIC energizes your life and helps you focus on what matters. Most importantly, Neuro SONIC will give you more go.    Increases alertness. Sustains energy. Supports mental performance.

LUNA bars help you wake up every day and make things happen and are the perfect way to satisfy your cravings in a nutritious way! LUNA offers many delicious bars to help you positively snack and make healthy (and happy!) food choices to power you through your busy days from class.

I also received some great bonuses from Chipotle and SK Energy.

Make sure to check out all of these great companies! Hope you enjoyed my review!

Mostly Lisa

Brand Favorite: Darling Clothes

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Happy Wednesday!
 It's currently a gorgeous, sunny day here in Minnesota and I am feeling pretty good. I received an email this morning that made my day even better! Darling Clothes sent out their annual Autumn/Winter Wear collection and I am in heaven! If you haven't heard of Darling, they are a U.K. brand that sells 'English Vintage Looks'! They offer gorgeous and affordable luxury products that are quintessentially British. So obviously I am going to love them, right?! I first heard of Darling through ModCloth, and then just happened by chance to be able to work with their Spring 2012 line while I was interning with Red Light PR in New York. I was so excited to be able to pull their clothing for magazines and different clients, because I knew it was good quality clothing. But back to the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, here are some of my favorites! Check out their site and their Facebook and let me know some of your favorites!
Bailey Dress ($111.09)
Mandy Dress ($88.55)
Vanessa Coat ($136.85) 

Mostly Lisa

Fashion Trend: Days of Suede

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Hi guys! It's been awhile, but life has been stressful (nothing new there) and I have been going through the motions. Working hard, or hardly working. Hope you all had a great Halloween! I ended up handing out candy to some really cute Trick or Treaters, and then went to a bar with one of my good friends from school! I dressed up as a 'Happy Witch', but who gets shit done. It was a great night, and I saw some perfect costumes.
As October is now over, we're moving into colder months that will eventually lead to snowfall and being able to see your breath outside. You have to make sure you dress appropriately during this time, but you can still look super chic while being bundled up to keep warm. While I currently do not own anything in this fabric, suede is a great place to start and I think that it is very weather appropriate. The term "suede" actually comes from the French "gants de Suède", which literally means "Swedish gloves." While it may be a trend for fall, I also think that it can easily transition into winter. Suede is mostly seen in gorgeous trench coats, especially in Burberry's fall 2013 collection, and slouchy bags that you can wear through the seasons. Luxurious browns and tans are some of the best ways to wear suede, but you can also mix it up with some great color. So do any of you own suede? I would definitely love to own my own Burberry trench, but that is a dream for the very far future. So now, enjoy some great looks!
(Photo Source:
Have a great weekend!
Mostly Lisa

A Seat of Power

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This weekend I have been thinking of new ideas on how to rearrange my desk area and I thought it would be great to share with all of you! I am all for having a creative space to work around, it gets your mind flowing and gets you inspired to sit down and work. Since I have already shown what my desk area is like, I thought I would share some inspiration on what I wish it could become. This is me hoping that someday when I am living in my own apartment, that I can have an area to work and blog comfortably. I also think a desk area can be your throne, as long as you have the proper chair, and you want to give it very special attention. Decorate with photos, matching accessories, tons of good lighting and you will be set!
(Photo Credit: 1 | 23 | 4)
Mostly Lisa

Syle Inspiration: Hopeless Romantic

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
If you ask anyone who really and truly knows me, they'll say that I sometimes act like a hopeless romantic. I would have to agree with that statement, and I am not ashamed of it. I love a good romantic novel (Hello, I am a Janeite!) and tend to enjoy a great romance movie here or there. I also think that this time of year is a great time to be a romantic. I mean, you look outside and it's cloudy and dark and you can't help but feel and embrace the mood in the atmosphere. Like anything in life, this can also translate very well into fashion. Deep burgundy, red hues and luxurious fabrics are the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve! The perfect collection to draw inspiration from is definitely Marchesa Fall 2013. It's just so beautiful. Also, enjoy some great accessories you can incorporate to make you extra romantic.
A Hopeless Romantic
Mostly Lisa

Let's Go To The Ballet

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Rehearsal by Edgar Degas
Ever since I was little, and when I was in dance class for three years, I have dreamed of being a prima ballerina. There is just something so elegant and ethereal about ballerinas, and they have such grace in the way they dance and move. I immediately think of Degas paintings and sculptures, and how intense and romantic they are. I, obviously, have not mastered being completely graceful in the way I move. I may not have graceful moves but I think that I am able to learn and remember dance moves and do them well. This plays into fashion also, and I think the two combined together is something absolutely beautiful.
I have also lately been obsessed with chic ballerina skirts! Remember the iconic look by Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of 'Sex and the City'? Or who can forget the beautiful movie "Black Swan"? They have both stood out in my mind ever since. Designers are also bringing the two worlds together, especially Chloe and Giambattisa Valli! With tutu-style skirts and tie-up pumps, these styles are barre none.
Let's Go to the Ballet

(Photo Credit: Vogue | WebMuseum, Elle)
Have a great weekend!
Mostly Lisa

Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Well, it's that time of the month again to name a celebrity that is my current style icon/inspiration!
This month, it's Vanessa Hudgens! While she has been one of my favorites since 2007, it's only been recently where I can really appreciate her style and actually try to emulate it. She's the perfect example of a California gal that loves easy and simple pieces that can coordinate again and again. It's been a long time since her High School Musical days, and I think it's awesome that she's been able to grow in her style through the spotlight. While it might not seem like the ideal situation, it's awesome to get fashion tips from someone that has designers at her fingertips but still shops at stores like Urban Outfitters. This actress/singer is even on the cover of Marie Claire for October, and she is definitely a stunner in her spread of bodysuits and gold-enameled fingernails. I figured I'd round up some of my favorite looks of hers recently, and then put together an outfit that is inspired by this great lady!
Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

(All images:
Have a great Wednesday!
Mostly Lisa