Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit

Friday, November 8, 2013
So I am really late on this train, but I figure I still have a chance to share and put it out there that I receieved it! I am apart of the HerCampus Blogger Network and I signed up to get their Back-to-School Survivor Kit that is jam packed with a bunch of great samples to hand out. You may be asking what is in this great kit, and I will be telling you! (Yes, I also know that it is way past the beginning of college but it never hurts to get ready for the next semester or quarter early.)
I opened up the box and saw this great postcard with a very nice note on the back.
"Hey collegiates, welcome back to campus! We are so excited to have you are on our team and running our HerCampus chapter at your school. As a thank you for all that you do, we've sent you some of our favorite goodies. Enjoy these with your team, and have a wonderful semester. xoxo, The HerCampus National Team." Isn't that so sweet?!
First off, we have to have a great clipboard to handle all of our work during the quarter. I love added bonus of the HerCampus.com sticker on the back. I am currently using it as holding all of my important papers for the end of my own quarter.
More swag featuring HerCampus.com! This great bag is perfect to put on your back and hold all of your books and notebooks. Definitely going to be using this for outings around the city and fun events!
The first product I saw was these great yellow notebooks by a brand I have never of. Poppin is the name, and they sell super cute supplies for school. There were 10 of these notebooks, and they are the perfect size to keep notes with these great green gel pens! There were also 8 of these gel ink pen boxes, with 5 of them in each. Definitely sharing them with people around me.

Poppin proves that school supplies and dorm décor do not need to be boring anymore! They help you rule the classroom and campus in style and color because they aren’t just an office supply company; they sell work style products that allow you to work happy. With the new colorful notebooks and pens you are guaranteed to brighten up your campus! For $5 off your next purchase, use code: DORMSTYLE.
The next few items were some more great swag from HerCampus. These pens are super easy on the hand and nice to write with. Going to be handing some these around campus to tell fellow friends about the site.  I also love the sticker featuring Audrey Hepburn and the HerCampus.com window sticker.
Some of the final products I received were these LUNA S'mores bars and Neuro SONIC Energy water. Both are super delicious and I have tried before, so it was a nice surprise to have these in there. I ended up getting three packages of this water to hand out. I don't know when this will happen, but I am hoping that I can get them out to people that I know. It's a really great water and it doesn't give you the jitters, it just makes you focused. Then the LUNA bars are pretty delicious also, they are just tasty.
Neuro SONIC:
Neuro SONIC provides great taste and sustained, focused energy. Neuro SONIC energizes your life and helps you focus on what matters. Most importantly, Neuro SONIC will give you more go.    Increases alertness. Sustains energy. Supports mental performance.

LUNA bars help you wake up every day and make things happen and are the perfect way to satisfy your cravings in a nutritious way! LUNA offers many delicious bars to help you positively snack and make healthy (and happy!) food choices to power you through your busy days from class.

I also received some great bonuses from Chipotle and SK Energy.

Make sure to check out all of these great companies! Hope you enjoyed my review!

Mostly Lisa

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