Monday, October 16, 2017
The seasons have drastically changed, haven't they? We're now in the middle of fall gracing us with its beautiful colors, cooler weather and moody atmospheres. I for one thrive during this season, and I wish it was much, much longer than it actually is. While I truly enjoy changing up my wardrobe for September thru November, I am also obsessed with changing up my daily beauty routine. Doing so can mean something different for everyone - whether you like to lather up with moisturizers, adding deeper shades of eye shadows, lipsticks or nail polish, for others, it may also mean switching up your hair color! Whether those changes are small or big, these six beauty products for October will definitely leave you wanting more. What products can't you live without during fall?!
1. Creme de Couture Pressed Color Palette  ($39): I may be a little biased, mostly because I now work for this fantastic company, but this new palette from Sigma Beauty is to die for! It's probably the best palette I have ever added into my beauty collection as the colors are extremely easy to blend, they're unique and perfect for a smooth transition from fall to winter. I have never had a palette make me so excited, especially with colors I would not normally wear. It's just so good.
2. Velvet Blurring Primer Perfecting Base ($38): Full disclosure, I received this product for testing purposes from Influenster last month. That being said, I have been using it every day since and I have noticed a drastic difference in the longevity of my foundation and concealer! It is extremely smooth to apply on and leaves my skin feeling fresh, which then helps my foundation glide onto my skin evenly. If you can get a sample of this, I would highly recommend giving it a shot!
3. maracuja C-brighter™ eye treatment ($38): This amazing eye treatment from tarte cosmetics deserves a shout out on this list because it works wonders! I have been battling a cold for the past three weeks and am slowly recovering from it, however, within those three weeks I had been sleeping horrendously. The bags under my eyes have been more pronounced but not anymore! I have been applying this to my under eyes every night for the past week and have drastically noticed a difference. You can feel the treatment working within seconds!
4. Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist ($26): My combo skin makes it super difficult to keep my makeup in its place throughout the day, I tend to perspire a lot during the day, and I was on the lookout for a good setting spray that would fix that problem. After hearing many good things about this Kat Von D. setting mist, I knew I would be in luck! It is mattifying, keeps everything in place, has a decent scent and is great for sensitive skin. 
5. Candy Eau de Parum ($120): Want to have a coworker tell you that you smell like candy? Then this is the perfume for you! This scent stays with you all day and isn't overwhelming, which will make it worth the price.
6. Blemish Control Blotting Paper ($6): I believe I've referenced these blotting papers before but they are so amazing that I had to talk about them again! The travel size packaging makes them easy to store when you're in a tight spot. One sheet is enough to pick up the sweat in your nose, upper cheekbone and forehead. It picks up the sweat, not the makeup!

Mostly Lisa


Monday, July 24, 2017
Wow, it has been so long. If you've read my previous post that I put up towards the end of May, you will know that I have been dealing with some pretty tough mental health issues. I would equate to everything that I was going through, like drowning - where you're trying to gasp for air but you keep getting sucked down deeper and deeper into the water. The harder you flail your arms, the harder it is for you to breathe. Then slowly your lungs fill with the water and you hit the bottom, maybe even rock bottom. Turn that water into clouds and clouds of negative thoughts, low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. It's not a good combination. I did actually hit rock bottom a week or so ago and realized I needed to get help, so that is exactly what I did. We'll see what happens in the next month or so but I'm going to be taking everything day by day, and just going to live.

In the several weeks that I haven't posted, I've definitely come across some lovely things to read and so I thought I'd share them today! Enjoy.

  • x Starbucks: I am obsessed with and their quirky and cute paper goods, planners and other home goods, but finding out they collaborated with Starbucks has sent me over the edge. The only problem with this collection? It's only available in the Asia Pacific! Such.a.bummer. Luckily they're hosting another giveaway, so make sure to enter. 
  • Stranger Things 2: This is fairly new since it just debuted at Comic Con 2017, but I had to include it! Stranger Things is coming back, baby! What a trailer, I mean it just gets you sucked in by the moment the music starts playing in the background. I can't wait to see what they come up with in the new series. Can October get here already?
  • Paramore: On Friday, I'm finally getting to see Paramore perform live and I am so pumped to get my jam on. I haven't been able to stop listening to 'Fake Happy,' since it resonates so well with life right now. 
  • Wonder Woman: Obviously this movie was beyond kick ass! Have any of you seen it?! 
  • Sad Girls Club: Speaking of mental health, I recently came across this brand called Sad Girls Club and it's a great outlet to express and talk about everything you're feeling, without being judged. 
  • Elie Saab Fall 2017 Couture: Feeling the 'Game of Thrones' vibes in this collection and I don't even watch the show. Lovely gowns, adorned with gold metals and sequins. 
  • Ashley Graham: She's been KILLING it lately! Landing covers for Glamour, Harper's Bazaar UK, Elle France and even gracing the cover of her own book. What an inspiration.
  • Anthropologie: Because these shoes are giving me major fall vibes and I'm truly hoping they go on sale in the future.
  • Insta-Crush: Daniel Casson takes absolutely stunning and inspiration imagery of Great Britain. He captures things in such a beautiful light, and you really feel like you're almost in the picture. Highly recommend following.
  • Words of advice: I think we could all pay heed to these words right now.

Mostly Lisa


Tuesday, May 23, 2017
I know, I know.. it's been a LONG time since I last blogged. A lot of different things have been happening in my life lately, so I have not had time to sit down and come up with anything interesting to say. With that though, this post is going to be a little different.I figured I'd actually take the time to do the sitting and writing and share with everyone what has been going on. Hopefully this will shed some light on why I've been absent.

First off, I FINALLY got a new job! It's still beyond crazy that I can actually say that now, the wait and the determination to find something outside of what I was doing was very arduous. To be honest, I was becoming extremely depressed and anxious that I was never going to be good enough for anything else besides the part-time position I was in. Don't get me wrong, what I was doing was absolutely amazing (being part of the social media team for the biggest Mall in America, WHAT?) and it was my first career job that I had out of college, but it had begun to drain me of my motivation, passion, and energy to keep going. After two years of learning about myself, what else I could picture myself doing in my future and having it culminate to something better, is nothing I take lightly. We all have our own path, whether we like it or not, and my path has steered me in directions that I haven't always necessarily enjoyed. Thankfully, this new course has led me into a full-time internship within the same company I was working at previously and it's been an absolute joy. It's given me new motivation in myself, and hopefully, what my future will look like after the internship is done.

All of this being said, the past two weeks have been emotionally draining for me. My depression has literally been kicking me in the ass, and I'm so upset that it's still rearing its ugly head - even when I should be happy with where I'm at right now. I know that depression doesn't just go away when something majorly positive happens, but I've been battling this since I was sixteen and I hate that it can still affect me when I least expect it. While I may be surprised that it's popped up lately, there are a few small things that have triggered me to be in a severely downcast mood. Family, friends, my feeling of self-worth being down in the gutter, my finances, and even the weather a little bit. They've all been this catalyst for the negativity to be clouding my brain. The self-worth aspect has been a major issue for me and will probably continue to do so- it's just a feeling of not being important to anyone, like if I disappeared that no one would care. I can have a whole group of people surround me and give me positivity + love in my life, but I still feel like I'm always being left out or forgotten. I'm not saying that I'm suicidal, I haven't tried anything for a very long time, but it's tough when you don't feel like you're being seen or heard. I hate that I'm saying this, but I ache and desperately need that sort of everyday validation or emotional connection. My thought process goes haywire when I don't receive that, but I think that is just a natural human emotion, if anything.

So, what can I do about it? There's the obvious answer - seeing a therapist - but I think that also opening this up for discussion could really be beneficial for myself and for others. Even typing this out has been a little therapeutic, which I definitely feel I (and others) should do so more often.
I won't let depression define or consume me. Hell, I can hide it very well in my day-to-day life and can surprise a lot of people when I disclaim that I'm suffering from it. After all these years, it's now gotten to the point that I can tell when a bout of negativity is going to flare up, but sometimes it is a guessing game. What or who is going to be the triggering point for it to start? Will it be myself and my inner thoughts, or an external source? I do go by the mantra though that it will eventually pass and I'll come out stronger on the other side. I just wish and hope that someday I'll constantly be able to be on that other side, stronger than ever.

If you're still with me on this long post, I appreciate it. I wouldn't normally write about something so personal on this blog, but I thought it'd be important to share this story with everyone. I know that some of the things I write about are a little superficial, there are so many other important things to talk about, but they are really what bring me joy and happiness. They spark my creativity and passion for something and you can't really deny anyone that.

If you are going through something similar - speak up! I'd love to hear about your strength and resilience going through such a tough mental illness. So I'll let this post sink in and will hopefully be start getting back into the swing of things soon. Enjoy this great outfit I put together with most items from Arc's Value Village (see my Instagram takeover I did two weekends ago) and a great top from Who What Wear x Target! See new posts next month.
Photos via Laura Posterick
Mostly Lisa


Friday, April 28, 2017
A chain stitch can go a long way.

No, really it can! Especially if you're not particularly good at sewing... Luckily there are expert craftsman out there that can sew to their hearts content and create beautiful works of art featuring embroidery with finite detail. Those featured details are just one part of why the embroidery trend is one of my favorites for spring 2017. If you followed any of the runway shows for this season, you may have seen quite a few designers tackling this trend head on - Gucci, Anna Sui, Jonathan Simkhai + Alexander Mcqueen to name a few! These heavily embellished garments offer so much inspiration and that's why I had to embrace and include it my own wardrobe.

I didn't have to look too far to find something to my liking and luckily came across this Honey Punch Embroidered Chiffon Kimono! Who knew PacSun carried something so chic? It's the perfect statement piece for any look - with embroidered flowers on the front and back, as well as a lightweight, flowy fit. It's exactly what I needed to jump start my collection! For this outfit, I decided to go for more of a 70's bohemian vibe and paired it with a flared denim from Target, block heel booties and a black high-low top from H&M. The kimono is such a great piece to complete any look, so I highly recommend getting one for yourself.

Also, let me know - what do you think of the embroidery trend?!
Mostly Lisa


Thursday, April 13, 2017
If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a few glimpses of a shoot I did a week ago with E.L. Photography featuring this stunning ASOS Curve floral tea dress. You may also already be able to tell, but I'm a tiny bit obsessed with how all of this turned out. I keep looking through all the photos and can't believe that the person in the photographs, is me. I've never felt so beautiful before, like truly beautiful and glamorous, even before the flash went off. Being a vain person is not in my mentality, but I had to say, "hot damn, Lisa!" after I saw this whole retro look put together. Wearing this dress definitely makes me feel like I've stepped into another era, and with the backdrop of the Union Depot - it all turned out exactly how I imagined this My Style File to be.

There was also a need to have the best accessories with this retro-inspired dress, and I luckily didn't have to look very far. My lovely sister had just recently purchased my birthday present - which was a new Kate Spade handbag - that matched perfectly with a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses from Forever 21 + black block heels from Torrid! In the end, everything came together perfectly and this was just the perfect excuse to dress up. I can't wait to wear it again this spring and summer!
What's been one thing that's made you feel fabulous lately? A piece of jewelry? A haircut? Or what about like me - with a particular garment?
Mostly Lisa


Monday, April 3, 2017
A new scent. A highlighter palette made to shine. A hydrating oil to get you through the day. These all add up to the best way to update your beauty routine for spring! This season is the perfect time to hit the refresh button on what type of products you're going to be using in warmer weather. For me, I'm looking for products that will give me a dewy look, be long-lasting and most of all - hide the redness that creeps up and give me a natural complexion. I've already added a few items to my daily routine (can we talk about the NYX Cosmetics 'Love Contours All' palette or the Tocca perfume in 'Stella'?!) but there's always room for more! See below for ten beauty must-have products that made my list this year, and let me know what made yours. 
1. Quench Lip Rescue ($19)
2. Glow Kit - Moon Child ($40)
3. Hydrating Oil ($24)
4. Chloe Roses De Chloe Eau de Toilette ($95)
5. Bunny Eye Brush Set ($57)
6. Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray ($16)
7. Chocolate Brow-nie Brow Pencil ($23)
8. Dior Addict Lacquer Stick ($35)
9. Limited-Edition Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara ($23)
10. GALifornia pink blush ($29)
Mostly Lisa


Wednesday, March 22, 2017
It's spring, baby! Finally. The weather hasn't caught up yet, but I have to say this winter wasn't too horrible, and I'm hoping that no unexpected snowstorms pop up in the next couple weeks. We've got the sun shining here in Minnesota, so it's got me inspired to get ready for all the things spring has to offer. The trends for this season are really lovely - blush/pink tones, Greenery being the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, embroidered floral frocks, bomber jackets and vivid colors + fabrics to brighten up your shoes. All of that being said, I obviously have to start with the colorful shoe trend this year. I have to be honest - shoes are one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures, and I'm really excited that there are so many unique shoe trends this season. Color is BIG for footwear this season, and they will be the perfect way to transition into warmer weather. Here are a few sandals, booties and flats that are catching my eye for spring. Who's ready to step into spring with me?!
1. The Boardwalk Lace-Up Sandal ($65)
2. The Kaia Ankle-Wrap Sandal ($110)
3. ASOS LINK UP Mule Ballet Flats ($34)
4. RIFLE PAPER Co. Triple Decker Slip-On (Sold Out, restock in June)
5. Women's Michaela Velvet Ankle Tie Block Heels ($38)
6. COLORFUL ($80)
7. Lilli Heel ($105)
8. Tahari Doe Tie Back Midi Heel Sandals ($89)
9. EYRICA ($69)
10. Daya by Zendaya ($62)
11. Ruby Embroidered Sandals ($79)
12. Tie-front flats in berry print ($148)
Mostly Lisa


Friday, March 17, 2017
March 17th is finally here! Yes, one of my favorite holidays of the year is upon us and I'm getting ready to celebrate. I've been a bit behind on doing so - I usually dedicate this entire week to preparing for the big day, but I've been a bit of a slacker this year. That being said, I had to at least post something that honors the day and I figured I'd share some ideas on how to go green for St. Patrick's Day! If you're in the need of finding someway to incorporate the color into your outfit, or just the day in general, here are five ideas to get you started!

1. Avoid getting pinched - This is by far the easiest way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and a must for anyone who is Irish or just loves the color green. You don't want to get pinched, right? Find anything, literally anything, that is green and wear it! For example, this cashmere scarf would be a lovely subtle accessory to your outfit.
2. Get crafty - If you're looking for a little D.I.Y. this year - look no further than your own supply drawer or craft table. From cake toppers, streamers or even clover crowns, you'll be sure to find something fun to put together on the 17th.
3. Find a recipe - Anybody remember the cupcakes I made last year?! You will have no trouble finding a similar recipe - like green popcorn or another version of a green cupcake!
4. Get your nails done - Make your nails pop with a hint of green! There's no need to go overboard, so keep it classic and clean like @camizzle did on Instagram.
5. Drink up - If you don't drink on St. Paddy's Day, are you really celebrating properly? From green beer, Jell-o shots or even green + gold margaritas, there is no shortage of any alcohol-related drinks to choose from.

Mostly Lisa


Monday, March 6, 2017
It has been so long since I last updated, guys! I do apologize about this, but life and lack of inspiration just got in the way after Valentine's Day. The best part of this long break though? Getting a six day vacation from all the mundane aspects of life in Minnesota - work, job searching, the cold weather and most of all, the seasonal depression. I got to jet off to Florida to visit my aunt + uncle and boy, it was much needed! I'm still on a vacation high, even though it's almost been two weeks since I got back. I'm really glad I did it, mostly because I also got to check a HUGE item off my bucket list - going to Disney World! Yes, you heard right. My ultimate dream of going to Magic Kingdom finally came true and it was like everything lined up into place on the day that I went. My aunt let me borrow her car to drive up to Orlando, parking was incredibly easy, I met a really nice couple from Indiana who showed me around the park, and stayed around the entire day to see the fireworks before the park closed. I'm still pinching myself that this actually happened, but I will remember the trip for a very long time. Head to my Instagram to see some photos from the trip!

Now that life is slightly back to normal, the inspiration to post and be proactive on Mostly Lisa is there again. I obviously have to come back with a series that I quite enjoy, here is this week's Monday Reads! Look out for more updates in the upcoming weeks, and let me know what you're reading lately.

  • Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear collections: Like always, I enjoy keeping up to date with each Fashion Week every season and sharing my favorite looks on social media. This time around was no different, even though I missed quite a lot from LFW + MFW, it's been a lot of fun to catch up and see how beautiful the collections have been. My absolute favorite so far has been Elie Saab! I felt like this woman was a moody princess that didn't take s*** from any man. 
  • Oscars 2017: This is a little late, but I have to talk about this red carpet! It just so happened that I got home the day of the show, so I was able to swoon over some of my favorite looks as they were happening. Some of my best dressed: Cynthia Erivo in Paolo Sebastian, Ruth Negga in Valentino, Brie Larson in Oscar de la Renta, Chris Evans in Salvatore Ferragamo, and the entire cast of 'Moonlight'
  • Who What Wear x Target Spring 2017 collection: I am so obsessed with the fact that WWW has made more runway-inspired fashion available for the masses. Being a plus size woman, it is SO thrilling to not feel left out of a collection that you normally would be. I've picked up a few things from the fall collection, but I can't wait to start wearing some of the spring items. There is a wide range to choose from - a floral bomber jacket, slip dress with contrast straps, layered cuff button up + more!
  • Beauty & the Beast 2017: I'm very nervous that this movie is not going to live up to my expectations, but I can't lie and say that I'm not excited to see one of my favorite Disney movies made into live-action. Let's just hope that Emma Watson's voice is not too auto-tuned. 
  • The Curvy Con: Sharing this to set a reminder for myself to buy a ticket. I mean, the panel of speakers alone is something I have to see in person!
  • Artwork To Put Up Soon: From Plant Planet, these adorable prints are so perfect for spring. Hopefully I'll be able to find some room on my walls to put one of these beauties up.
  • Rihanna Channeling Amelia Earhart: Bravo on this editorial, Harper's Bazaar! Bravo!  
  • LUSH: If you needed another reason to love LUSH and show your support, add this to your list: they do not use synthetic preservatives to make their products stay fresh - they are self-preserving. This is a really great read, and shows how dedicated this brand is to maintaining their quality worldwide.
  • bff bags: just released this ADORABLE collection of cross-body bags that you and your BFF can wear together. I'm especially in love with this version.
  • Libation Studios for Drunk Disney: One of my favorite YouTube channels - Practical Folks - does a series called 'Drunk Disney' where they watch Disney movies and drink while doing so. The quality of these episodes have gotten exponentially better, and they now do a themed drink for each movie that they watch. I had to share this month's video for Beauty & the Beast because it's so lovely and pairs perfectly - Enchanted Rose. I'm definitely going to try and make this before the movie comes out next week. 

Mostly Lisa


Thursday, February 9, 2017
This was originally going to be a Valentine's Day Gift Guide for everyone - women, men, children - but I decided to say "screw it" at the last moment and make this a Galentine's Day Gift Guide. I'm all about making this holiday an empowering one, I truly believe that it doesn't have to be superficial and be filled with pressure from yourself to get the perfect gift. Let's make this holiday relaxing and fun, because we definitely need that right now. Here are few items that will let you show your appreciation, love and support for the gals in your life. It was so hard to narrow it down to just these!
1. Fight Pretty Glossy Box ($40)
2. Saucy Jack Nail Lacquer ($11)
3. Piece of My Heart Postcard Set ($10)
4. Kiss Me Sugar Lips
5. Jo Malone™ 'Red Roses' Cologne ($130)
6. Love You, Love You Lots Body Soap ($8)
7. XOXO Paper Pad ($8)
8. Valentine's Day Tassel Garland ($5)
9. Ovaries Before Brovaries Enamel Pin ($7)
10. Jsuzzana Fringe Clutch ($65)
11. Sleeping Beauty Ring ($438)
12. Pin-Up Pout Lipstick ($8)

Mostly Lisa


If any of you remember Mostly Lisa around this time last year, you may recall a series that I did named "Week of Love", an entire week devoted to all things Valentine's Day. There was one post I did during that week that was a lot of fun to put together - ten ways to wear red - so I decided to return to that theme but change the color for this year. It was pretty easy to decide on what color to choose for 2017, pink, but it was actually pretty difficult to find items that I would want to wear in that shade. I was successfully able to find ten, so please enjoy and shop all these vibrant links below!
1. Plus pink badge knit sweater ($80): A sweater with patches already adorned on it? That's okay with me!
2. pink skies ahead bomber jacket ($180): I feel like wearing this bomber jacket around would instantly make me part of a bad ass girl gang, so I had to include it.
3. Paneled appliquéd cotton-blend lace midi dress ($9900): Let's just think of this as a dream item, but what an absolutely stunning dress. It's the perfect mash of colors and it instantly reminded me of spring!
4. Priya Bonded Velvet Pleat Front A Line Skirt ($14): ATTN: Bargain velvet steal for only $14!
5. Vans Authentic Neon Splatter ($55): Go find your own "Sk8er Boi" in these comfortable, clean and classic sneakers.
6. whimsies t-rex crossbody ($378): Does anyone else feel like Valentine's Day and Kate Spade New York just kind-of go hand-in-hand? I include them so much in various gift guides, but it's always a little bit more fun when it's for something romantic + girly like this holiday.
7. Banana Socks ($10): The title says it all for me. Wear these with your new Vans - it'll be a perfect match.
8. Girls Pennant Pin ($10): Come on now...
9. Roses de Chloé Eau de Toilette ($122): This new fragrance from Chloe is absolutely stunning. It's very light, but it definitely lasts throughout the day. Not overwhelming either, so you won't get anyone sneezing on you if you're in close quarters.
10. Rose Quartz Amulet Pendant ($32): Rose quartz is currently my gemstone of choice, mostly since it exudes self-love. I'll be for sure wearing one of my own rose quartz crystals next Tuesday.

Mostly Lisa


Wednesday, February 8, 2017
ICYMI: Sigma Beauty recently launched two new Lip Vex sets called Glaze & Dazzle back in January and they are absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a little bit of shine or glitter to complete their beauty look. What's even better about these sets is that they are a complete steal if you buy them together - $28 all together. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you may have seen me swatch both sets after receiving them in the mail and the fun that ensued afterwards. I figured since Valentine's Day is approaching us quickly it would be great to share just a few of my favorite hues from either. All of these long-lasting colors will go perfectly for a date night out with your significant other, a pizza + wine date with your gal pals or while you're spoiling yourself all day with flowers and chocolate. 
1. Vivid Glaze Lip Vex ($10): Shine bright in this coral pink gloss! It's my favorite shade out of both sets since it glides on so easily and leaves lips feeling smooth. I'd highly recommend wearing this with a sleek black ensemble, make your date really focus on the gorgeous color of your lips. Maybe you'll get a kiss at the end of the night.

2. Sheila Dazzle Lip Vex ($10): This Sheila won't take crap from any man, especially while wearing such a vibrant, satin gloss. I'd recommend wearing this color with a more classic ensemble that could translate from day to night, which is perfect for a night with gal friends. Think blazer, white blouse, a pair of denim and a chic pair of booties. 
3. Slip Glaze Lip Vex ($10): Oh-so-romantic! This baby pink shade has me falling in love with its peachy undertones and shimmer residue. I'd recommend wearing something a little more 'sweet' with this, maybe an outfit that will have you feeling like going to a malt shop and listening to oldies on the jukebox. A fit-and-flare dress, strappy flats and a cardigan that your sweetheart will admire you in.

4. Steady Glow Dazzle Lip Vex ($10): Hey peach, you're ready to shimmer. This vibrant shade slowly fades into a more subtle gloss that will last the entire day. I'd highly recommend wearing this with something red or pink, to celebrate the actual holiday, it will compliment the neutrality of your lip color. Take a chance and wear your heart on your sleeve this year. 

P.S. Pick up any of these Lip Vex sets at a very special Valentine's Day party that I'm hosting THIS FRIDAY at the Sigma Beauty Mall of America Boutique - it's the only brick and mortar store where you can purchase items in person. It's your turn to spoil yourself, beauties!
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Monday, January 30, 2017
"What's inspiring you for the blog lately?" A question asked by a co-worker last week to which I immediately replied, "rings!" No, not engagement or weddings rings, but ones you can wear on a daily basis. You know the ones - beautiful stackables, statement, vintage, dainty, modern + so much more! Fashion rings have really just become a necessity for my everyday use, adding a little touch of elegance to any outfit that I put together. It obviously also hints at lovely femininity and a little something romantic, even though there are no strings attached to wearing them. Put your finger on this - you can be bold, chic AND stylish while wearing these gems every day. There are so many various styles of rings to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down, but here are a few that stood out amongst the crowd. After you've shopped a few of the links below, let me know in the comments what your favorite style ring is! 
Bauble Bar: Trinity Ring  
Bauble Bar: Misty Druzy Ring 
kate spade new york: Black-Tone Dark Crystal Pave Cat Ring  
Kendra Scott: Boyd Ring  
Kenneth Jay Lane: Opalescent Cocktail Ring  
Pamela Love: Orion Cuff Ring  
Maha Lozi: November Rain Ring  
Elizabeth & James: Rigel gold-tone crystal ring  
Betsey Johnson: Snake Double Ring   
Betsey Johnson: Pave Heart & Pretzel Ring Set  
Roberto Cavalli: Ring  
Kevin Jewelers: Claddagh Heart Ring  
First People First: Dragon's Nest Ring  
Mostly Lisa