Let's Go To The Ballet

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Rehearsal by Edgar Degas
Ever since I was little, and when I was in dance class for three years, I have dreamed of being a prima ballerina. There is just something so elegant and ethereal about ballerinas, and they have such grace in the way they dance and move. I immediately think of Degas paintings and sculptures, and how intense and romantic they are. I, obviously, have not mastered being completely graceful in the way I move. I may not have graceful moves but I think that I am able to learn and remember dance moves and do them well. This plays into fashion also, and I think the two combined together is something absolutely beautiful.
I have also lately been obsessed with chic ballerina skirts! Remember the iconic look by Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of 'Sex and the City'? Or who can forget the beautiful movie "Black Swan"? They have both stood out in my mind ever since. Designers are also bringing the two worlds together, especially Chloe and Giambattisa Valli! With tutu-style skirts and tie-up pumps, these styles are barre none.
Let's Go to the Ballet

(Photo Credit: Vogue | WebMuseum, Elle)
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  1. Who could forget Carries iconic look?! It's something I've never been able to emulate, but have always adored!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages