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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!!

I am so excited for this upcoming month, what with the changing leaves, yummy food, and of course Halloween! It's one of my favorite months of the year and everything is just comforting and relaxing. On this first day of October, I thought I would draw on that comforting feeling and take some inspiration from the moody moors of England and Scotland. These sprawling countryside's are gorgeous during this time of year, and they are the perfect backdrop for fur collars and tartan prints. You can't forget a great knee-high boot or a beautiful fragrance that emits smooth and a heady scent. The ever popular braided crown hairstyle is another perfect folkloric inspiration.
These gorgeous scenic areas are also great for a great spot to read. Imagine Jane Eyre walking her forlorn stroll, or Elizabeth Bennet on her way to visit her sister while she was sick. These heroines make me want to play them in my own novel. Oh, to be in those stories. I have often wished of living in a Jane Austen novel. But since I cannot, I will have to suffice with reading them and falling in love all over again. What a perfect place England Scotland are to fall in love also. So enjoy my inspiration, and end on a highland note.  
P.S., oh, and listen to this song from the Jane Eyre movie while reading this. It's absolutely heart wrenching and a perfect piece to relax to.
Mostly Lisa

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