A Fairytale of Fashion

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Once upon a time, there was a blogger who lived in the Midwest who dreamed of living in her own fairytale outside of her home. This fairytale included a bustling city that never sleeps, being surrounded by fashion that makes her weep, and being happy while she leaps towards her future.

Now you may be asking, "why is she rhyming?" Well I have a great reason. Today's post is all about whimsical fashion that has storybook drama. What better way to be inspired then that of fairytale fashion? Fairytales can have two sides to them: light and carefree, to dark and dangerous. I personally like both, especially when it comes to how ornate outfits can be. So sit back and relax, and enjoy my fairytale of fashion!
The princess in this story is full of whimsy, and enjoys the softer side of things. She is beautiful in all that she is, and takes pride in the way she presents herself. Her wardrobe is full of designer pieces, and she is not afraid to spend too much on something she loves. Her tiara is ornate and filled with jewels that radiate opulence. Pink, is her favorite color, and she incorporates it in everything she wears. Whether it's a rose print dress, her Fairest of Them All platform pumps, or even her fairytale clutch, you can be sure she will leave you in awe.

The queen in this story is full of drama, and you might say she is "evil" in her doings. But to say this is to just boost her ego, because she knows what she wants and how to get it. You will not see this queen bow down to anyone, and she'll be wearing something fierce to prove it. She is grand in everything she does, and her wardrobe is no different. She likes to wear her crown, not just because it's proof of her royalty, but because it encompasses everything she is. Her favorite color is red, and that just so happens to be the color of her favorite food; the apple. This fruit is attached to her side with the appropriately named Evil Queen clutch. Her Valentino lace mini-dress pairs perfectly with her devilishly delicious black suede pumps. And one cannot forget ruby red lipstick to complete her ensemble. Be careful when approaching this queen, she might ensnare you with her wicked smile.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest and Google Images)

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