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Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday, y'all!

Hope your weekend was great, and that you have a fabulous last full week of September! I really can't believe it's almost October, before you know it, it's going to be 2014! I am currently enjoying the beginning of my Fall break, and looking forward to starting to put together my portfolio for graduation. Pretty soon, I will be getting ready to move on from college on to bigger and better things! This is crazy to me, but I can't wait to take that step and tell the world that I am going places. I also can't wait until I am able to move to New York (or stay in Minneapolis) and get a job that will constantly inspire me. So, I figured a great way to I would start early on that inspiration is to talk about something every woman should have when they actually make that step into adulthood. Obviously for me, that step is graduating and landing my first 'real world' job. The job that is 9-5, and where accomplishments can happen to move your life forward.


An investment piece is that something every woman should have, and I am looking forward to investing in a great designer handbag. Successful men buy sports cars, but women tend to buy items that will make people turn their heads. A designer handbag would definitely be one of those items, and it would fit into my lifestyle the most. It's something I would constantly use. I am kind-of obsessed with purchasing all types of handbags that will last me a long time. So if the price and quality of the handbag is right, I would be willing to pay extra. You want to make sure that whatever piece you do decide to buy, it's something you really love and can see yourself using down the road. What is an investment piece would you incorporate into your wardrobe?

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