Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Happy June, and happy Tuesday! I'm so excited it's finally my birthday month, and I am full of ideas to be inspired with. I'm currently typing at my new desk, and it feels so right to finally be in a new space to come up with new content for June. For today's post, I'm feeling the nautical theme that always pops up during this month and lasts for the rest of spring/summer. This year though, it's all about setting sail and hitting the wide open sea. Taking your dreams and thoughts with you as the water drifts you away to uncharted destinations.  

1 : You can't really think of nautical, without a classic striped tee in navy and white. I'm thoroughly in love with this Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee, especially after reading the description of what it is on the site. Saint James is based out of Normandy and has made the sailor stripe tee a staple of their production with clients such as Andy Warhol & Coco Chanel! Impressive!
2 : I could pass up this gorgeous eye shadow from Stila, especially when it's called 'Light Show!' The colors in just this one pigment are so pretty, and made me think of a combo of water and land.
3 : This new perfume from Oscar de la Renta, called 'Something Blue', has been on my radar for awhile. With a burst of mandarin and linden blossom, it's sure to keep you afloat while you find your sea legs.
4 : Gingham & yellow from Coach? There's nothing better! I'm loving the vintage-feel from this suit also, and the silhouette is perfect!
5 : There has to be an appreciation for a great pair of sandals, and these ones from Unique Vintage are just the ones for me. Again, these vintage-inspired sandals are a great way to kick back on the boat and let your toes feel the fresh air.
6 : This octopus from ModCloth is your friend, not your enemy while cruising the sea!
7 : Who doesn't volume and texture while they are at sea? This Sea Mist from Pigment just sounds heavenly with aloe vera, purified water and sea salt for your hair.
8 : I had to include Lush Cosmetics in this post, because I personally instantly think of them when it comes to water and being clean. This salt cleanser is just the ticket once you get back on land, it'll be like you never left the water!

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