Wednesday, June 24, 2015
I can't believe it's already summer, and we're almost done with June!  There's always something nice about planning your wardrobe for the summer, everything is just so much more easy and fun to pick out. I do sometimes like to stay with a lot of basics as necessities for my wardrobe, it's always nice to have a special item that will take you through the season! Now though, I just so happen to have five different ones that are my must-haves for this summer, and I hope you enjoy!

1. ASOS Curve Maxi Dress in Floral Print : The maxi dress has been incorporated into my daily style ever since 2012, and I haven't looked back since. It's my favorite item on this list, as it is so much fun to wear and there are so many variety of options! This dress from ASOS Curve is beyond gorgeous, and I love the color combo of black and richer shades of pink.
2. Amour Graphic Tee : Say what you mean, mean what you say! There's no better way to do that with a graphic tee, especially when it's something as romantic as 'Amour'. I've talked about graphic tees being a necessity for any wardrobe before, and that is why it's number two on my list for summer! You can dress it up or you can dress it down, either way you're sure to be comfortable no matter what.
3. Classic Black Leather Satchel : As anyone knows, handbags are my thing. People may be obsessed with shoes, but I'm head over heels (PUN INTENDED) for handbags. Whether they are shoulder bags, clutches, a messenger bag or even a tote, I will fall in love them no matter what. I have probably 20+ of a variety of these, but this one from Cambridge Satchel is my new favorite. It's not only a must-have for summer, but for all year round.
4. GabiFresh D/DD Cup Black Underwire Mid-Waist Bikini : While I may not be swimming any time soon this summer, I've been lusting over the Gabi Fresh collection for Swimsuits for All ever since the preview images came out. I mean, how flattering and sexy are these swimsuits?! I don't know if I'd ever be able to rock one, but this gorgeous black two-piece is something I want to try.

5. Studio Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit : A jumpsuit?! On my must-have list? What is this revelation I'm having?! It's literally only because I'm in love with the silhouette of this one from Eloquii, and how flattering it must be on any body type. I love the easiness of what this jumpsuit must feel like and if there's ever a time to take a risk, it's during the summer! You never know what could happen.
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