Tuesday, May 24, 2016
The question you should be too afraid to ask me, but you should do nonetheless is, 'What's in your bag?!' I love sharing all the little things that end up either at the bottom of my bag or on top of everything else. My recent purse of choice is actually a tote that I bought while I was in Chicago, from a place called Asrai Garden. It's the absolute perfect size and has just the right amount of detailing on it, that you can pretty much wear it with anything. I mean, black and gold flowers? Yes, please. I usually bring this bag to work since I like to carry with me a whole bunch of things like; my lunch, a water bottle, headphones, a book, my makeup bag, etc. It could probably even carry my laptop in it, if it was the only thing I needed. I've started to put my pin and button collection on this as well, so it makes for a nice talking point. So let's get down to the nitty gritty of what's really inside the bag. Shop all the links below, and let me know what you carry in your purse/bag!

  1. Business cards: Illustrations by A Thing Created + cards from Moo.com
  2. WalletBetsey Johnson Luv Logo Zip Around Wallet 
  3. Bag: Asrai Garden
  4. Keys: Watermelon keychain from Typo + Threshold Monogram tassel keychain from Target
  5. Phone Case: Orchids iPhone 6s case by Rebecca Minkoff
  6. Sunglasses: Round glasses from Forever 21
  7. Lipsticks: Moisturizing Lipstick from e.l.f. cosmetics + Soft Matte Lip Cream from N.Y.X. Cosmetics + Intense Butter Gloss from N.Y.X. Cosmetics
  8. Hair: dry remedy daily moisturizing oil from Aveda
  9. Pens: Stardust pen by Gelly Roll
  10. Lotion: Ultimate Strength Hand Salve from Kiehl's
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