Thursday, May 12, 2016
Like I had talked about yesterday, we're now in full swing for spring so it's now the time to add staple pieces to your wardrobe AND switch up your beauty routine! As I've been getting more and more used to trying new beauty routines, I've also been on the hunt for new products to use. It's pretty crazy how many beauty products that are out there on the market, and I'm peeking down the rabbit hole wondering if I should jump in. I look to a lot of YouTube users for inspiration on what products are best, and that alone is another endless abyss to go into, but it's been helpful to see what I should invest in when buying.   That being said, I've been sticking to a few brands for the past few months and they've really improved my overall skincare and my beauty bag.

I've decided to round-up six products that are some of my favorite spring beauty must-haves! There's a little bit of everything with these, from lipstick to facial cleansers, so it's time to put your freshest face forward. Enjoy, and let me know what is in your beauty bag for spring!

1. Intense Butter Gloss by NYX Cosmetics

I am such a HUGE fan of NYX Cosmetics right now and I owe that mostly to one of my favorite beauty YouTuber's, Kristen Leanne! Not only has she recommended + tested so many NYX products in her videos, she's really made me appreciate how fun makeup and beauty application can be. Now that there is a NYX store at the Mall of America, I've been spending a lot of time testing and trying out the products in person. I came across this butter gloss in 'Cherry Custard' and instantly fell in love. I've talked about this before, but it is one of the easiest lipsticks I've ever applied to my lips. It's rich and creamy, plus the applicator is super easy to use and glides on nicely. I can't wait to buy more colors in this!

2. Soothing Serum by e.l.f. cosmetics

So I have yet to use this smoothing serum on my face, but I'm slowly learning that it is very important to put on a moisturizer before you apply any makeup. It's come about the hard way of me realizing this (a few more breakouts than I've had before) so I'm definitely going to be investing in this serum by e.l.f. cosmetics! If the formula is anything like their foundation that I've been using, I'm positive it will help soothe my skin throughout the day. PLUS, it has tons of positives reviews on their website.

3. Complexion Pore Perfecting Primer by Urban Decay

I'm all about a good primer to keep my makeup looking even and smooth throughout the day! While I've been using a primer from Rimmel London for the past year or so, I figured it'd be time to switch it up. I only hear good things about Urban Decay and their skincare products, so this is another great investment I'm going to be looking into. I guess it also perfects your pores? Sign me up!
I couldn't go through a beauty must-have list without including one of my favorite brands, LUSH Cosmetics! What better way to include them with one of the best face masks I've ever used, the Mask of Magnaminty. Talk about a refreshing, redness calming, pore reducing 'ultimate face mask.' The minute this mask starts to harden, you can feel it working and just diving head first into your pores to clear them up. When you start washing it off, it's like your face wakes up from being dry and dull. I highly recommend giving this mask a try, even as a sample. Your pores will thank you... or me! ;)
A brush that is made out of eco-conscious materials, and affordable, oh my! This is a product that I actually recently just researched, and I'm looking forward to adding to my bag soon. The hunt for a good contour + highlighting brush has been at the top of my list, and the reviews for this one are extremely positive. Good on you, EcoTools!

6. Open Sesame Loose Shimmer by Sigma Beauty

I got the chance to try this loose shimmer a few days ago actually, and it was amazing. Talk about pigmentation and long-lasting wear! Glitter is always kind-of a must for me when wearing makeup, because who doesn't want to feel magical when they're all glammed up? I particularly really enjoyed this shade since it had little flecks of other colors in the finish, which made the entire look extra special and unique. Go check out the look on my IG
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