Friday, May 20, 2016

If there was any one piece of advice that I've taken to heart through my exploration of beauty and how I can incorporate it into my life, it would be to moisturize the heck out of your face before applying any type of makeup. Not only should you apply it in the morning, but it's even better to do the same at night as well. I took the plunge last week, purchased two different hydrating products and it was the best decision I have made in awhile! My face has been smooth, fresh and the blemishes that I had from a couple weeks ago have been disappearing before my eyes. I even received a compliment on my skin yesterday from a makeup professional, and if that doesn't prove that it's working, I don't know what will. Now you might be asking which products did I purchase? Let me tell you, and feel free to tell me what YOU use for moisturizing/prepping your face.

Product: e.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8)

Benefits: Easy application, with a dewy & refreshing finish. Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated for several hours, even after putting makeup over it. Lightweight and lightly scented.
Ingredients: Purified water, Jojoba, aloe, Vitamin E, cucumber. Antioxidants such as; Shea butter, grape and orange.
Con: I really only have one negative problem with this product, and it's probably just because my skin can be extra sensitive sometimes. I've noticed that after applying the moisturizer, my cheeks get extra red and stay that way for a few minutes until the product has fully been absorbed in my skin. Again, this may just be my fair skin overacting, but I definitely need to let it calm down before applying anything else. 

Product: First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist ($17)

Benefits: Easy application, with a energetic and replenishing finish. Specially formulated for sensitive skin and helps reduce redness. Leaves skin with instant hydration + dewy skin. Has a lovely scent that is not overwhelming, it reminds me of cucumbers! Protects against wind.
Ingredients: Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and FAB Antioxidant Booster. 

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