Thursday, April 7, 2016
As we're now into the second week of April, I find myself wanting to come up with some type of goal that will make Mostly Lisa go to the next level. Doing this for five years has been so much fun, but I'm kind-of hitting a wall as to how I can improve creatively through this outlet, and really connect with more readers to broaden my viewership. The job I'm currently in has me doing this every time I work since the brand reaches so many different people, and I'm trying to figure out how I can do this for me. I've already kind-of started something that has vastly improved what type of content I'm putting out, and that's only just happened this week so I'm hoping that will help from now on. It's basically a master spreadsheet that is laying out every day of the week for the month, which is then filled with what I'm going to be putting out on all of my social media channels. I'm really hoping it continues to help, but I also have three goals that I want to set in case it doesn't.
1) Connect with more bloggers - Whether it is with local Twin Cities bloggers, similar bloggers that I meet online or even other industry professionals, I want to try and make more of an effort of introducing myself and connecting with people. I am a shy person, but I feel like if I am able to show how proud I am of my blog and that I know what I'm doing with it, it should be easier to make the best first impression. If any of you want to connect, let me know!
2) Organize content better - Like I said above, I've started a master spreadsheet of content that I would like to push out on a regular basis. I guess it's really understanding what time to post and the type of content that is relatable to my brand to post. There is also the option of trying to do paid promotions for popular content that I've done organically.
3) Bring more creativity to posts - Instead of doing the same type of posts every month, I want to really begin to starting thinking more creatively and outside of the box. I have my few series that I do, which I really like and enjoy doing, but I want to try and push out content that I am even more passionate about. There have been roadblocks and sometimes my creative jam gets in a funk, but I'm aiming for 2016 to bring something different to the table. Here's hoping!

Do any of you have goals for your blog? How are you going to achieve them this year?
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