Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Keeping in the spirit of summer this week, I thought I would share my latest obsessions for how to start fresh and incorporate multi-functional beauty products into your routine! These have all slowly snuck into my own, are all budget-friendly and they all fit comfortably into my favorite cosmetic bag.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: After a long day with makeup on, there is no better way to renew your skin than a smooth cleanser to get rid of those impurities. This is lovely because it's one of the first cleansers I've tried where I can actually feel my skin bouncing back from a day filled with foundation.

Victoria's Secret Angel's Only Body Mist: I am always in the need for a light pick-me-up of fragrance during the day, so finding the perfect scent in travel size is even better! This scent is super refreshing and has hints of floral + apple blossom. Just the right amount will have you feeling renewed towards the end of your day.

LUSH Cosmetics Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler: It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of LUSH, so when I started hearing the buzz about this new product they were introducing for summer, I had to try it out. I went into the store with frizzy, dry + flat hair, but came out with smooth and shiny hair like it was recently just washed. All you need to do is spritz this in your hair, comb it out and you've got beautiful locks for the entire day. The scent is also extremely intoxicating, it's full on violet.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion: Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! It's one of the most important must-haves for summer, especially if you have fair skin like me. I'm not always in the sun, but having this travel size bottle is super handy if I decide to spend a little extra time outside. It's also going to be a lot of help when I go glamping in a couple weeks.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Luminous Body Lotion: My skin tends to get dry during summer, mostly because I seem to wash my hands a lot more because of things I'm eating or drinking. Having lotion around is a big help, so I like that this one also has a nice scent to it.

Laura Mercier Full Faux Eyelashes: I have had these babies for about a year or so and I'm hesitant to, because I've never worn false eyelashes before. It's going to be a goal of mine this summer to try them on and see what it's like to have even fuller lashes than I already do.

e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer: Best for reapplying during the day. The application is super easy, and the brush can pick up just enough product to cover with one swipe. I've also seen that it redefines the skin tone and minimizes lines.

NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Cherry Custard: You always need a good lip color to get you through the summer, and NYX has some of the best long-lasting glosses. This color is so much fun and you don't have to fret on finding the perfect one for you, they have 24 different shades in this version!

Travel Size Packet of Kleenex: You never know when allergies are going to hit you, so it's super helpful to have a packet of Kleenex on hand.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips: These will give you a sparkly white smile, wherever you are! Leave on for 10 minutes, and throw away afterwards.

NYX Cosmetics Dewy Finish Setting Spray: This travel size is perfect if you need a quick touch up during the day! Get that dewy, fresh finish that will make your makeup stay where it is.

Mostly Lisa


Monday, June 27, 2016

We are now in the throes of summer and that means really only one thing: it's going to be insanely hot outside (global warming at its finest, folks) and you have to prepare yourself. Yesterday, temperatures reached to almost 90 degrees and that wasn't even one of the hottest days last week! While I was going about my day, I began thinking of ways that I could make this summer more tolerable for myself and everyone else. These three things should make this season somewhat enjoyable, if not at least somewhat fun. Read on below!
1. Hair up, don't care: I thought I would include this step first, since it's something I would not normally want to do while keeping cool. I'm a little self conscious about putting my hair up, always have been since middle school, and I only tend to wear it up when I'm at home. It's the weirdest thing to be anxious about, self-image wise, but I don't like showcasing that I have a double chin and sometimes I feel like it's not flattering for the frame of my face. It gets to the point though of being so hot outside, that I literally just don't care and have to get my thick hair off of my neck. This was the case yesterday, and with a little help from Julia Engel and a Snapchat story she shared a week or so ago, I attempted to do the top bun. Lemme tell you, it felt super freeing to wear this out in public and to feel the breeze on my neck. Will definitely be trying this again.
2. Keep that complexion fresh: Because you can't forget a necessity like a hydrating moisturizer or mist primer during sweat-inducing weather. Want to know what is great about this tarte cosmetics product? It literally comes with a 4-in-1 blend of hydration, primer, setting spray and skin refresher! Having not purchased any product from the brand before, though secretly coveting every product in the Rainforest of the Sea™ line, I ventured out and finally did while shopping in Sephora! I've only had it for a couple of days, but after applying a few times here and there, I can really tell that this is a game-changer for my setting spray. If you spray it on before or after applying your foundation, it leaves the skin renewed and holds onto the base of your makeup.
3. Stay hydrated with water and cool drinks: As anyone knows, you will want to stay hydrated with water during these warmer days. While I enjoy water to keep my thirst quenched, I also enjoy mixing it up with other cool drinks from my favorite coffee houses! Whether it is Starbucks (who I found this amazing photo from) or Caribou Coffee, they both offer delicious drinks that will make your thirst feel extra satisfied. WARNING: Do not drink smoothies too quickly, as you will get a severe brain freeze, like I did yesterday. ;)

There you have it, my three tips to keep cool this summer. If you missed it, I shared these tips on my Snapchat yesterday, so go check that out! How do you stay comfortable during the summer?!

Mostly Lisa


Friday, June 10, 2016
I've been doing these birthday wish lists for the past couple years, and while I know it's a little vain to to do one of these for yourself, I can't help but have fun with it. Why not shop around and come up with a list of things that you're currently eyeing, and blog about it for people to see? You never know, it could lead to something special on your actual birthday! People never know what you want until you tell them, right? The main reason I do these gift guides for myself is mostly because I love dreaming of someday being able to afford everything that I want, and not have to rely on someone else to get them for me.

It's also hard to accept the fact that I'm turning a year older and slowly getting closer and closer to being 30. I still don't feel like I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to in my 20's, and while I know I still have 3 more years, it's making me want to try harder to achieve the goals I've put out there for myself. I hate getting in depth about life on these types of posts, but sometimes it's hard not to reflect on where you are at certain points in your life. It does sound a lot like rambling most of the time, but a lot of the time that is how my brain feels when it's trying to express itself. So for these reasons; getting older, wanting to achieve more things in life and hoping to someday buy big things for myself, I like to make these gift guides.

My birthday is this Sunday, so here's hoping that I can get at least one of these things crossed off my wish list. Who knows, maybe I'll be the one to do it! Shop all the links below, and let me know how you celebrate your birthday every year!

1. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Creme ($75): A coworker of mine has this lotion in her office, and I just so happened to try it out. Let's just say, I was instantly hooked. Jo Malone is such a quality brand, I can't believe I've never heard of it before! This lotion would definitely be worth the price, as the container it is in is HUGE.
2. diptyque 'Vanille' Scented Candle ($32): Who doesn't want a candle with a name like 'diptyque'? This French candle brand is luxurious and can really only be found in major department stores. How fancy!
3. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($44): What I usually like to do while on break at work, is go to the major department stores and their beauty counters. I'm so glad I finally stopped at the NARS counter on Monday, because I came across this new foundation of theirs! It is so amazing on the skin, and you apply it with your hands to warm it up. This is definitely something I am going to be investing in for my birthday.
4. ZARA Iridescent Crossbody Bag ($20): This bag is adorable! It's also the perfect middle between big crossbody and small crossbody, so I cannot wait to purchase this. Did you also know that the Mall of America is finally getting a ZARA in the fall?! I cannot wait to see what the store is going to look like.
5. iPhone 6/6s Case - Selfies ($12): Oh,! They're hosting a 40% off sale right now, and it's perfect because I'm in need of a new cell phone case. This one is calling my name.
6. Cakeworthy Fairest Flannel ($50): So Cakeworthy is such a fun brand, and if you've seen my 'Hocus Pocus' flannel, then you'll know how much I want this 'Snow White' one!
7. Starbucks Toucan Cold Cup ($17): It's a cold cup with toucans on it. How perfect is this? Especially since my go-to drink is an iced caramel macchiato.
8. Josh Ln Botanic Wars Beach Towel ($38): I found this print during December last year, and instantly fell in love. Now that Society6 has beach towels and bath towels, there is no reason not to be stylish while you're laying the sun!
9. Tuesday Bassen Mixed Emotions Pin ($10): This describes me perfectly.
10. Strange Women Society Initiation Pin ($11): As does this one.
11. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard ($6): This is just a given, since this lipstick is literally like buttah!

Mostly Lisa


Wednesday, June 8, 2016
As most popular trends go for me, I'm a little hesitant to try them when they first appear. I don't really like change, and that seems to even apply to what is in my wardrobe. It may also be because I don't like to draw attention to myself all that often, or broadcast what I'm wearing because I am still a little self-conscious about my body. So imagine my surprise that the trend I'm focusing on today, and never thought I'd try on, is something that I actually really love and it's showing skin! There are fireworks going off right now in my brain, just to let you know.
If you keep up with trends, have two eyes or just simply go shopping, you will have seen the cold shoulder trend everywhere! Whether it's on the runway, in magazines or on blogs, this is the trend for S/S'16. The thing that I love the most about this it, and what I've literally just learned a couple days ago, is that it can be worn as pretty much anything you want it to be. I also learned that it is super flattering for my figure, which makes it even more amazing. If you're someone who likes to leave a little to the imagination and eye, like me, then this trend is definitely something to try out. When I put on the dress (pictured above + #4 below) at Old Navy, I felt sexy, feminine and sensual. WHEN DO I EVER FEEL THAT WAY? To answer that, hardly ever, so this is going to be something to embrace all summer.
Obviously I wanted to go on the hunt to find more options, and I surprisingly found a lot for plus size! ASOS Curve always has the 'on trend' items, but Eloquii has one of my favorite dresses right now that accentuates the cold shoulder. Here are six different ways to rock the trend, so shop them below!
1. ASOS CURVE Off Shoulder Midi Sundress In Stripe ($52): I never tend to gravitate towards wearing stripes, but if they're going horizontal on a chambray fabric? I can deal.
2. Cold Shoulder Gauze Blouse ($25): Longer sleeves are my best friend, so this gauze blouse is now in my circle.
3. Studio Off the Shoulder Chambray Dress ($111): Gimme, gimme! I am SO obsessed with this dress, and it's just been restocked on the website. It truly hurts that I will not be able to wear this for my birthday weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to get it someday. Look at those sleeves, and the length! I could see myself dancing the night away in this.
4. Off-Shoulder Tie-Belt Dress for Women ($26): Ah, the first dress that showed me the glorious power of a cold shoulder. Thanks for opening my eyes!

5. Ivory Floral Cold Shoulder Top ($44): Okay..... How gorgeous is this? I'm all about a botanical floral print, and this would be just so much fun to wear during the summer.
6. Stoosh Plus Size Cold-Shoulder Chambray Top ($40): While this looks like it's part of a top + pant set, I could definitely see wearing this with a cute pencil skirt. Also, I love the ruffle effect on the sleeve.

Would you ever bare your shoulders this summer?

Mostly Lisa


Monday, June 6, 2016

(PHOTOS VIA1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
She's the perfect mixture of timeless beauty, talent and warmth. These three things are exactly what make her my style icon for this month, and why she's been one of my favorite actresses since I first saw her in 'The Help.' Jessica Chastain has been gracing our consciousness for the past twelve years! We may not have seen everything until 'The Help', but she has twelve years of her acting abilities on screen, which also means that her style has evolved just as gracefully. Her impeccable style comes in many forms, whether it is on the red carpet, doing interviews or even when she's out and about doing normal activities. This woman knows she has great style and it's truly so much fun getting to see how she presents it.

Jessica's Instagram is a great place to see that and more of her casual wardrobe, but every now and then she'll put out something so chic and timeless that I'm itching to see what is next! While she is on the red carpet, she often tends to go for more floor length gowns that match her fiery hair and persona. For example, the black Elie Saab Spring 2015 Couture dress that she wore to 'The Martian' premiere was so stunning and classically elegant. The glittery gown had a scooped neckline and structured bodice, to which she paired with emerald statement earrings and a wavy bob.

Black definitely goes well with her skin tone, and she proves that with her street style too. This black and white romper she wore while traveling through Heathrow, looked chic and comfortable. The color blocked outfit, made by Parker Kayasha, is just simply unique and flattering. It's so popular that it's sold out at Saks Fifth Avenue! Way to go, Jessica! You sure are a trendsetter, which is why you're my style icon for this month and why I had to create an outfit that I'd be sure you'd love to wear! Enjoy!
Mostly Lisa


Friday, June 3, 2016
Here we are again! June has officially started, I'm closer to being a year older, summer is beginning soon and life is moving along as quickly as ever. When I was thinking of what I wanted to start this month with, I was going back and forth between an idea that I had come up with for May, but never got around to finishing. It's an interesting theme and one that I've not talked about before on Mostly Lisa. Since I really enjoy talking about trends and how they relate to each season, finding ways to talk about this one has kind-of put me into a loop. The idea was how to incorporate maximalism into a post about fashion, even though it's mostly used in the artwork world. Then I instantly thought, "well, isn't fashion art?" and so here we are today.  Maximalism is defined as, "a reaction against minimalism,  an aesthetic of excess and redundancy. The philosophy can be summarized as “more is more”, contrasting with the minimalist motto "less is more". 

I am definitely not someone who thinks about more is more when it comes to fashion, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and think about ways that I could be that person. Getting inspiration from Dries Van NotenGucci and Jackson Pollock really helped get the creative juices flowing, and I've slowly realized that when it's done right, this aesthetic can be really beautiful. I've also noticed that maximalism has been taking over the runway lately, starting just a few seasons ago. Designers are being bold when it comes to mixing patterns, creating layers of different fabrics to cohesively serve one another and unexpected colors are getting mixed together. When I found the inspiration from Gucci, it was like the heavens opened! For real though, go check out their Spring 2016 RTW collection for all your maximalism needs. Enjoy my take on what this trend means for me, and shop all the links below!