Monday, June 6, 2016

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She's the perfect mixture of timeless beauty, talent and warmth. These three things are exactly what make her my style icon for this month, and why she's been one of my favorite actresses since I first saw her in 'The Help.' Jessica Chastain has been gracing our consciousness for the past twelve years! We may not have seen everything until 'The Help', but she has twelve years of her acting abilities on screen, which also means that her style has evolved just as gracefully. Her impeccable style comes in many forms, whether it is on the red carpet, doing interviews or even when she's out and about doing normal activities. This woman knows she has great style and it's truly so much fun getting to see how she presents it.

Jessica's Instagram is a great place to see that and more of her casual wardrobe, but every now and then she'll put out something so chic and timeless that I'm itching to see what is next! While she is on the red carpet, she often tends to go for more floor length gowns that match her fiery hair and persona. For example, the black Elie Saab Spring 2015 Couture dress that she wore to 'The Martian' premiere was so stunning and classically elegant. The glittery gown had a scooped neckline and structured bodice, to which she paired with emerald statement earrings and a wavy bob.

Black definitely goes well with her skin tone, and she proves that with her street style too. This black and white romper she wore while traveling through Heathrow, looked chic and comfortable. The color blocked outfit, made by Parker Kayasha, is just simply unique and flattering. It's so popular that it's sold out at Saks Fifth Avenue! Way to go, Jessica! You sure are a trendsetter, which is why you're my style icon for this month and why I had to create an outfit that I'd be sure you'd love to wear! Enjoy!
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