Friday, June 10, 2016
I've been doing these birthday wish lists for the past couple years, and while I know it's a little vain to to do one of these for yourself, I can't help but have fun with it. Why not shop around and come up with a list of things that you're currently eyeing, and blog about it for people to see? You never know, it could lead to something special on your actual birthday! People never know what you want until you tell them, right? The main reason I do these gift guides for myself is mostly because I love dreaming of someday being able to afford everything that I want, and not have to rely on someone else to get them for me.

It's also hard to accept the fact that I'm turning a year older and slowly getting closer and closer to being 30. I still don't feel like I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to in my 20's, and while I know I still have 3 more years, it's making me want to try harder to achieve the goals I've put out there for myself. I hate getting in depth about life on these types of posts, but sometimes it's hard not to reflect on where you are at certain points in your life. It does sound a lot like rambling most of the time, but a lot of the time that is how my brain feels when it's trying to express itself. So for these reasons; getting older, wanting to achieve more things in life and hoping to someday buy big things for myself, I like to make these gift guides.

My birthday is this Sunday, so here's hoping that I can get at least one of these things crossed off my wish list. Who knows, maybe I'll be the one to do it! Shop all the links below, and let me know how you celebrate your birthday every year!

1. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Creme ($75): A coworker of mine has this lotion in her office, and I just so happened to try it out. Let's just say, I was instantly hooked. Jo Malone is such a quality brand, I can't believe I've never heard of it before! This lotion would definitely be worth the price, as the container it is in is HUGE.
2. diptyque 'Vanille' Scented Candle ($32): Who doesn't want a candle with a name like 'diptyque'? This French candle brand is luxurious and can really only be found in major department stores. How fancy!
3. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($44): What I usually like to do while on break at work, is go to the major department stores and their beauty counters. I'm so glad I finally stopped at the NARS counter on Monday, because I came across this new foundation of theirs! It is so amazing on the skin, and you apply it with your hands to warm it up. This is definitely something I am going to be investing in for my birthday.
4. ZARA Iridescent Crossbody Bag ($20): This bag is adorable! It's also the perfect middle between big crossbody and small crossbody, so I cannot wait to purchase this. Did you also know that the Mall of America is finally getting a ZARA in the fall?! I cannot wait to see what the store is going to look like.
5. iPhone 6/6s Case - Selfies ($12): Oh,! They're hosting a 40% off sale right now, and it's perfect because I'm in need of a new cell phone case. This one is calling my name.
6. Cakeworthy Fairest Flannel ($50): So Cakeworthy is such a fun brand, and if you've seen my 'Hocus Pocus' flannel, then you'll know how much I want this 'Snow White' one!
7. Starbucks Toucan Cold Cup ($17): It's a cold cup with toucans on it. How perfect is this? Especially since my go-to drink is an iced caramel macchiato.
8. Josh Ln Botanic Wars Beach Towel ($38): I found this print during December last year, and instantly fell in love. Now that Society6 has beach towels and bath towels, there is no reason not to be stylish while you're laying the sun!
9. Tuesday Bassen Mixed Emotions Pin ($10): This describes me perfectly.
10. Strange Women Society Initiation Pin ($11): As does this one.
11. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard ($6): This is just a given, since this lipstick is literally like buttah!

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