Wednesday, February 3, 2016
If you saw my Snapchat story last week, you'll know I received this VoxBox from Influenster filled with fun goodies to get the new year started off right. The Cheers To You VoxBox has five products inside, and varies from person to person. I was lucky enough to get a set of shampoo + conditioner from Suave Professionals, a coupon for a free Hormel Taco Meat topping, an invite to a new health + wellness app called Yaye App, a bag of Way Better Snacks in the Sweet Chili flavor and Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution! I was so excited to get to try all of these products, so here is my unboxing and a review of each one!
Suave Professionals - Keratin Infusion Smoothing
Suave Professionals salon-inspired range of hair care products work as well as premium salon brands so that women can be live beautifully every day. 
Above are my before and after photos of using the shampoo + conditioner I received. After one use I am hooked, as it has made my hair feel soft and it smells amazing. Combining both of these into a lather was very easy, and I felt like I was able to get good usage out of a small amount. I highly recommend trying this brand out, and I am definitely a #SauveBeliever now. Rating: 5/5
Hormel Taco Meat, Yaye App Exclusive Invite, Peony and Me Coupon

  • Introducing 100% naturally, fully cooked fresh Taco Meats from Hormel. Perfectly seasoned Chicken, Pork and Beef that go from fridge to taco in just minutes. 
  • Yaye-group health & fitness motivation for small groups of family & friends. Get more active and healthy with your friends as you chat, share your progress and encourage each other. 
These three items are definitely going to be something to give a try over the course of the year. The taco meat is going to most likely be delicious, Hormel makes pretty tasty products, and I'm thinking of giving the chicken a shot. As for the Yaye App, I'm trying to decide when and where this will happen. I really like the idea of getting motivation and encouragement from friends and family, and being able to track your progress on your phone. The extra item in this box was the Peony and Me coupon, and I'm guessing it goes along with the app. Rating: 3/5
Way Better Snacks - Sweet Chili
Way Better Snacks Sweet Chili tortilla chips are made with love and just enough sauce. Made with sprouted flax seeds, chia seeds and quinoa to feel even better about all that deliciousness.
I had never heard of this product before, but I was really excited to give it a try! It's definitely something I would not normally eat, as I don't really like spicy food, but this was pretty tasty. I would really like to try the other flavors, as they look and sound even better. Rating: 3/5
Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Soothe & Sleep w/Lavender
Take good care of your body and mind by regularly soaking in Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution. Epsom salts & herbal oils naturally relieve sore muscles and ease aches.
How did they know I enjoyed taking baths with natural ingredients?! This time though I decided to try one of the other ways you can use this product, which is to combine your favorite body wash and a handful of the salt. I scrubbed it on my right arm/shoulder to soothe my sore elbow and wrist. Overall it worked pretty well, but I think taking a bath would be more beneficial. Rating: 4/5

I received all of these products complimentary for testing purposes, so I thank Influenster for sending me this VoxBox and letting me try all of the products inside. If you've never heard of Influenster, they are a website that host different activities and programs with a variety of brands that send out products to be tested. You then participate in campaigns to earn badges and snaps, so you can participate in future testing programs. If you want to sign up yourself, let me know and I can give you a referral!
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