Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's time to go reflect and celebrate!

Today is pretty special, well this whole month is pretty special, because Mostly Lisa has officially turned FIVE years old! Not only does this actually make me feel old, but it also makes me pretty emotional to think of all the things that this blog has done for me. It's opened me up to being a more outgoing person, it's made me more confident in my writing abilities and it has unlocked the potential for better things to come. So many things that I never would have thought possible five years ago, especially when I was just starting college and learning more about who I am as a person.

To believe that I began blogging when I was 21 years old, just boggles my mind. That I had just come off of Livejournal, into this brave new world of the unknown. Blogging wasn't that big yet back then, and it was a true guessing game of how long I would end up keeping doing this. It makes me reflect on what some of my favorite posts are, so I figured I'd share a few that really stand out to me.

1. A Dress For My Body Type: The point where I really began to understand how to craft a post into something that would be worthy to read. This was also a time where I really understood that it was okay to be plus size, and still be able to feel sexy.
2. Fashion Friday - Feeling Tropical: One of my favorite FF posts I've done. The setting, the dress and hanging with my BFF. It all came together to become a lovely mix of the perfect post.
3. Mostly Lisa's Holiday Gift Guide - For The BFF (2013 Edition): The very first ML Gift Guide set in the series. It's an annual tradition now, and one of all time FAVORITE things to share and talk about with my readers.

Thinking about how five years have gone by, and how much of my life I've dedicated to this. There have been highs and there have been lows, but each have taught me things about myself and how to improve on this creative outlet. How cool is this though? To have an outlet to be yourself and to engage and tap into you abilities. That is probably the best part of Mostly Lisa for me, and being able to share my passions (and obsessions) with other people. You may not respond to any of my posts, but I do see you viewing them! Thank you for that, because it does mean a lot.

Here's to another five years, more inspiration and more friends to meet!

Mostly Lisa 

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