Friday, September 11, 2015
As I've been growing and expanding my own daily beauty routine, I've also been keeping a lookout on upcoming trends that I can incorporate into it. What better way to start fresh, then with a new season?! The thing I personally enjoy about fall beauty is how dark and romantic it can be. Colors are richer, layering becomes a must and makeup becomes more sensual. Whether you have a dark lip, a sassy cat-eye or a messy side braid, it's all unique to what you want it to be. There are so many ways that you can make any of these trends your own, and I think that's what is really special about beauty!
1. The bohemian braid
  • Similar to a braid crown, the bohemian braid is messier and tousled more. The perfect plait is something that will probably never got out of style. Designers, like Mara Hoffman, chose this messy braid to enhance her modern bohemian aesthetic down the runway. It's such a great hairstyle because you can wear it anywhere! 
2. Dark lips
  • The dark lips trend is going nowhere soon. It's more powerful than ever, especially with the current obsession with bring back the 70s & 90s beauty trends. Think glam mixed with a bit of grunge, that makes for a seriously impressive aesthetic. The must with this trend is to make sure that you find the right shade for you by testing, testing, testing! The best way I've seen this trend done is with a matte lipstick, because I think it brings out the color better and can be a really romantic. Marc Jacobs obviously had this trend down pat. 
3. Graphic cat eye
  • We've all attempted to do the cat eye before, and were successful or failed miserably at it. Me being the latter, I was excited to hear that there is a new take on it. Take the classic cat eye, and tweak it into something more graphic. Linear lines right across the eyelid, for more of a straight sweep away from it. Anna Sui took this trend to elongate and lift the eye to add a more sensual effect to the face. 
4. Don't feel flushed
  • This trend is something I can already acquire easily with my fair skin, but it's also becoming something a lot of makeup artists are trying to achieve for their models. J.Crew was a great example of creating this flushed look, as if the models were coming off the slopes and into a warm cabin. Pssh, I can achieve this look any day I want!
5. Shades of brown
  • Metallic may have been the popular eye shadow, but it's time to move aside for a new diva to come through! Many artists for fall opted for bronze to cover the lids. Not only does it warm the face up, but it can be paired with any other of these trends seamlessly. Marchesa chose this bronze trend for their show, and even paired it with the red lip!
 6. Embrace the red
  • Who can really say no to a red lip? The palette range for the lip during fall is all about a stained wine red all the way to a saturated cherry. This exciting trend was seen in several shows, my favorite would have to be Dolce & Gabbana. Paired with their aesthetic made the lip stand out in a super romantic way.  
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Mostly Lisa


  1. I love this post! Fall beauty has always been my favorite. I love the darker, vampy lips and the fact that brown is in adds a little bit of a different twist to it. I'll definitely be trying these out.

    1. Thank you so much, Kristen! I really enjoy fall beauty as well, it is so romantic and can be edgy at the same time. I hope you have fun trying any of these trends out, I'm sure it will turn out great! :)

      Mostly Lisa