Monday, November 17, 2014
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Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. I spent Saturday perusing a local boutique called Primrose Park that just opened up a month ago! It's a gorgeous shop filled with inspiration from various places the owner has traveled to. If you live in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend you check it out! I purchased some lovely items to make my card giving and calendar planning a little more unique. It's yet another week that I'm hoping will be filled with new dreams and aspirations to get to. Here are a few other things to keep your week interesting and lively! Cheers!
  • I'm a huge PC gamer, and an avid fan of continuing series that have regular characters and story lines. I've mentioned this series from Big Fish Games before on Mostly Lisa, and so I obviously had to touch on the brand new chapter in the Dark Parables series!!! It's called 'The Little Mermaid & The Purple Tide.' Any hint as to what fairytale it's about? (Hint, hint; it's about Ariel and her sisters) I've now played the entire game and it's beautiful and intriguing, I never find myself bored with this series and that's a good thing. If you've never played a PC game before, go try it at least once. You won't be sorry, and then we can at least talk about it with each other.
  • Can't stop, won't stop with this song. I am not ashamed to admit that this song is catchy and insanely fun to sing along with. I'm enjoying this new version of Taylor, and she's obviously grown in her writing and being able to not take herself too seriously. This video is gorgeous too, I heard she changes about 15 times in the video. I wouldn't mind wearing the likes of Elie Saab and Oscar de la Renta for a day. P.S. Guess who gets to see her with her sister when she comes to Minneapolis?! :)
  • Lane Bryant is having a BOGO 50% off sale right now. I might need this, and this for the holiday season.
  • A fellow local blogger and event maker, Sarah Edwards, has a brand new website with a lovely layout and graphics. Go check it out, and also support her with I AM MPLS which is a fashion and variety show that she puts together every year!
  • I've been in the need to start a new ornament tradition... I used to collect all of the Barbie Holiday ornaments since I was a little girl, but now that they're discontinued I'm pretty bummed about it. There is a plus though, these Disney Hat ornaments are the absolute cutest! I do want to start with Aurora, who would you want to begin with?
  • Did anyone else see the new Holiday campaign for Kate Spade with Anna Kendrick? It's just so good..
  • COMING SOON: MOSTLY LISA'S (2ND ANNUAL) HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE... Enjoy a preview, and get ready for my first guide this Wednesday!
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