Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Monday is flying by before my eyes. I hope you all had a lovely weekend though, and that you're able to enjoy this new week that has been presented to us. I'll be quite busy this week with working and trying to fit in some relaxing time. I'd like to enjoy some of the days outside when it's nice out, but I guess I'll be savoring that next week! The Minnesota State Fair begins next week, and it's a time honored tradition in my family to go every single year. I believe last year was the first one I skipped, though something must have been happening during that time so I couldn't attend. It's a lot of walking, eating and being in crowds of people but if you start at the right time it's not too bad. I'm sharing a link to all of the new foods they're coming out with this year, and I'm down for the Hot Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich.... Anyways, enjoy these links that I've been looking at for this upcoming week. 
  • Are you in need of a new wallpaper for your laptop or phone?! Check out Design Love Fest's guest designs for this month!
  • As I said before, the MN State Fair has produced the list of new foods that will be at the different stands this year! Interesting choices, I have to say.
  • If you live here in the Twin Cities, Southdale Center is going to be hosting a great event with the insanely talented Sarah Edwards hosting! It's called ABC's Of Style and there will be a fashion show, giveaways and much more! I'm definitely checking it out, hope you all do too!
  • This is just the truth!!! I can't believe it's going to be 10 years since this first was on air, boy do I feel old.
  • I need these SHOES from BC Footwear! That cameo though!
  • A cocktail recipe to die for, from Bow & Arrow Mag! I love that it's so easy to make and accessible for your home kitchen.
  • Obsessed with this statement necklace from Prima Donna!
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  1. I am obsessed with that mirror in your pic! Love it.

    Thrifting Diva

  2. I'll go check out those wallpapers!

    7% Solution