Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Lately, it's been pretty difficult to bring new ideas to the table when creating posts. Either I'm creating a PDF with images I've found while browsing Polyvore, or I'm getting inspirational images from Pinterest in which credit is given to every photographer.  But do I have ideas that are exclusive just from my mind, or do I constantly need to be getting outside sources to bring it out of me? It's hard to find the balance between what's coming from my creative mind, or what's coming from someone else. I hope that my readers do enjoy what I come up with, since I'm consistently trying to bring my own voice into the mixture.

To all of you who do read Mostly Lisa, thank you. Thank you for being a fan, this blog is my baby and will hopefully be around for a long time. While my writing voice may not always be the best, or the most interesting, I'm trying to make it fun for the people who take time to read what I have to say. I'm even trying to bring my own flair to the local blogging scene here in Minneapolis, but I haven't quite reached it yet. A lot of the fashion bloggers here post a lot of outfit posts, which creates more brand awareness for boutiques around the Twin Cities, but I don't fit in a lot of the clothing that those beautiful places create.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need to find my niche... While my tagline says 'fashion & lifestyle blog', I want it to be essentially Lisa and everything I believe in and aspire to be. So I'm asking, what do you think I should do to bring Mostly Lisa to the forefront? Post more Fashion Friday outfits? Re-do my layout? Host giveaways? If you have any ideas, let me know! I'd so greatly appreciate it. I'm sure something will pop in my head as to what to do in this predicament, but it's always nice to get other (kind) opinions on what can be improved.

As for today's post, I actually was inspired by a color that is part of the fall collection at my place of work. It's called 'Botanical Berry' and is a lovely start to the upcoming season that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. I've done this myself and I'm excited to be wearing it when the colors to start to change in September. Oh, now I want Autumn to be at my doorstep already.

Mostly Lisa

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