Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My July Playlist is kind-of like a story.. and it's running true to how this month has been going so far. We start out with three songs that have been my 'summer jams' and they really got me energized and ready for the month. Then we transition into some more melancholy and romantic tunes that have been at the forefront of how I've felt for the last couple weeks. These songs mean a lot and really encompass what this summer has been like for me. Whether I'm driving around late at night, feeling the breeze blow through my window or sleeping in until noon on the weekend, these songs are pretty special. The ending of my musical story is what I envision the end of July will be like, and let's hope that it'll be happy ending. Can't wait to see what August will bring in regards to music, new and old. Click through to listen, and follow me on Spotify!
Mostly Lisa