Friday, May 9, 2014

I figured I haven't done one of these in awhile, literally not since last October with Vanessa Hudgens, and decided that it was time to share a favorite fashion icon of mine at the moment. Emma Stone has been killing it lately with all of her press events and appearances for 'The Amazing Spiderman: 2'! She's been around the world since the beginning of April promoting this great movie and she's been rocking literally almost every outfit that's been at a photo call or red carpet. These looks above are just some of my top looks as they play so well into her unique style and flawlessness! What I wouldn't give to raid her closet right now. She just recently took my breath away with her gown at the Met Gala on Monday, I mean what a show stopper, and I love the fish-tail braid. (P.S. check out my Twitter and Instagram for a recap of other looks I loved the most at the event!) Emma is someone I personally look up to, not only with her fashion sense, but with her sense of humor and individuality which is why she's my style icon of May!

What's your favorite look you've seen Emma wear?!

Mostly Lisa

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