Fashion Friday: Anjolee Jewelry Collaboration

Friday, April 4, 2014


OUTFITBlazer: Forever21 | Blouse: H&M | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Given To Me | Bag: ODLR for Target | Ring: Anjolee Jewelry

Happy Friday! Well, as much as it can be happy since we just received a whole ton of snow. Isn't it supposed to be rain showers that bring flowers? Not snow?! Anyways, for today's Fashion Friday I wanted to take photos outside but since it's cold and wet I figured I would stick inside. Today's outfit is inspired by mixing casual and dressy together.. I am really digging pairing blazers and more laid back pants or denim together. I know the trend has been around for awhile, but I'm just slowly getting it. Haha. Sorry the low quality photos, yet again, but I am trying my hardest. I can't believe I wore heels with this outfit since I usually feel like a giant in them, but I liked how they paired nicely with the pants. Another reason I am doing this post today is because of a great company that reached out to me through here! Anjolee Jewelry is a high-end jewelry manufacturer that allows you to customize your jewelry to whatever you like. They make all their own jewelry and they've been around since 1977! All of the customer service I received from this company has been super great and they've only been very friendly. I received this bridal set ring as payment for reviewing this great company! I decided to style it up with this outfit since it's not too overwhelming and it's a gorgeous topaz gemstone, my favorite!
Go check out Anjolee and tell them Mostly Lisa sent you! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Mostly Lisa


  1. I really like how simple this outfit is! Love the black!

    1. Thank you so much! Hate how crummy the pictures look, but the outfit was super cute and fun to wear! :D

      Mostly Lisa