Darling! You're Sparkling

Saturday, April 19, 2014
OUTFIT ONE: Blouse | Skirt | Purse | Earrings | Pumps
OUTFIT TWO: Sunglasses | TopJacket | Heels | Denim
OUTFIT THREE: Perfume | Dress | Pumps | Necklace
OUTFIT FOUR: Top | Scarf | Pant | Sandal
OUTFIT FIVE: Top | Nail Polish | Sandal | Necklace | Short | Bag
The upcoming holiday has made me inspired to share some outfits that I think would fit appropriately for it! Not only do they all look comfortable, but they have the added bonus of gorgeous embellishments and sparkling baubles! Whether you happen to be celebrating the religious side, or even just celebrating by spending time with your family I think that any of these can transition well into your weekend plans. All I can think about is being outside in all of these and just enjoying the simple pleasure of the sun. It's quite infectious and always tends to put a smile on my face. So, enjoy some outfit ideas that you can put together for your holiday weekend and for any weekend in your future.
What are your plans for this weekend?! I have to work and then on Sunday I will be spending time with family, going Easter egg hunting with my nephews, eating a good meal and being able to sleep in! Yay!
Mostly Lisa


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