Tweed Run

Friday, July 19, 2013
What do you think of when you hear the term tweed? For me, it's a black and white film set in a mysterious police station in New York, where Lauren Bacall wears a gorgeous Chanel jacket with a high-waisted skirt and black pumps. Yes, I may stray this image into a romance with her late husband Bogey who plays a criminal on the run. Ugh, how amazing were their movies together? They really set the stage on making tweed a necessity for women AND men in the 1940s film industry. Of course we saw this trend way before with the infamous Chanel jacket, and it's even been able to translate all the way to current runways. It's one of my favorite trends, as it gives a lady an air of sophistication and class. I myself have never purchased or owned a piece of tweed, but someday when I win a million dollars I can finally have a piece of Chanel in my closet. SOMEDAY!
To make someday sooner for everyone, there are obviously ways you can find a tweed jacket or dress that is far more inexpensive and that will still look great.

While black and white is an obviously flattering style that you can wear with this fabric, to translate it to the season we're in think color. Yes, color. Think a sorbet and candy palette and run with it! Opt for flirty pinks, spearmint green, or even a lemon yellow! Be bold in your choices, and just have fun.

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  1. I love the satchels! But I love pretty much every bag of Proenza Schouler <3