Tuesday, November 8, 2016
FANGIRLING: Is anyone else freaking out over the new photos of the 2017 live-action version of "Beauty & the Beast"? EW Magazine has several new photos being released in their November issue this week and they all look absolutely beautiful. The minute I had heard that one of my favorite Disney animated movies was being remade with Emma Watson, I pretty much knew I would love it. Then we got that preview trailer a few months ago, and I was instantly gratified again. The production value for this movie looks absolutely spectacular, and they nailed the casting for all of the beloved characters. I am very intrigued to see how they handle the Beast and the characters who are objects. Are they going to sing? Are they going to do a lot of special effects? So many questions! I just can't wait to see all of them answered.

WATCHING: Whew boy! What am I not watching right now? There are actually some really amazing new shows this year for the fall season, and I am not complaining. 'This Is Us' has been a solid family drama that has made me cry pretty much every week since it started. The relationship between the father and the only daughter is super important and hits home a lot. 'Pitch' has just recently become one of my favorite shows, with a female lead who literally knocks it out of the park. I never thought I would like a show about baseball, but again the acting is so solid. Then finally, 'The Crown' was released on Netflix last week and it's beyond beautiful. The costumes, the acting and a more in depth look at Queen Elizabeth and her early life as sovereign. It all adds up to beautiful cinematography and fantastic storytelling. Please watch all of these!

LISTENING: I am a little late to the First Aid Kit train, but I am so glad that I finally jumped aboard! This Swedish folk duo is just what I needed after being on the hunt for a new band to enjoy. Their melodic voices + addition of instrumentals are so lovely and easily takes me away to a relaxing place while listening. I really hope they come out with another album.

COVETING: With the holidays approaching pretty quickly, my mind is turning with gift ideas for others and some that I would like to spoil myself with. I'm always coveting something, so this month is no different. If you saw my velvet post last week, you'll definitely not be surprised that this Velvet dress from Target is my NUMBER ONE choice from everything I've been eyeing lately. I have been obsessed with the Who What Wear collection, and it's been amazing to see them incorporate extended sizes into each style they've produced. It makes me feel included, and that I can actually be comfortable in something that I have fallen in love with. These Rifle Paper Co. Mermaid Wrapping Sheets might just be my go-to this year for any gifts I wrap for family and friends. How adorable are those mermaid illustrations? Finally, my beauty guru kicked in once I saw Sigma Beauty release their SigMagic Brushampoo! I have accumulated a LOT of brushes over the past year, and this is supposed to help clean them in a matter of minutes. It will be a must for beauty lovers this year, so I'm making sure to add it to my wishlist.

LOVING: Ruth Negga + Joel Edgerton in the November issue of Vogue has left me breathless! The stars of the new movie Loving by Jeff Nichols's appear together in this spread of gorgeous scenery, luxurious fashion and romantic expressions. It's hands down one of my favorite editorials this year.

What are some of your love for this month?!

Mostly Lisa

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