Friday, July 8, 2016

I have been severely slacking when it comes to putting this post together. Maybe it's just been from the holiday, how crazy things have been in the world in the past two days or it's just me being really lazy. Either way, I'm FINALLY putting it together! WAHOO! There's been no real direction from myself on what I wanted to talk about in this, besides it being apart of the My Style File series. I just really loved finding this dress at Old Navy, and instantly had a clear vision of how I wanted to style it. The vision? Trying to channel Alexa Chung on a budget, at a store I constantly shop at and where it would be super comfortable to wear. I like the idea of wearing a striped shirt underneath a dress, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn a little bit as well.
Besides the anxiousness of finally getting this post up, nothing else in my life is making me stressed. It's been a pretty relaxing summer, and I've been able to find some really fun things to add to my wardrobe. I've also had the time to plan what I'm going to buy for next week! I'm actually going camping for the first time, like I said in my previous post and I'm so excited to finally going a mini vacation with some good friends of mine. They go almost every year, and I decided it was time that I finally joined in on the fun. We're going to go swimming, relax in the sun, enjoy some festivities, eat some s'mores and so much more. I'm actually thinking of not bringing ANY crazy outfits or makeup for the 3 1/2 days, just to really immerse myself in the relaxation. I'll believe that when I see it... Let's just say I will not be wearing anything like this when we go.
This dress/shirt combo is something I've seen on so many people, but never thought to really try it myself. When I came across the Button Down Waisted Midi Dress at Old Navy, I instantly had to purchase it because of the fit and length. It lays right under my knees, which is nice because I'm not a huge fan of my legs. I already had the striped tunic tee (similar) in my wardrobe, which completed the entire vision I had in my head. Since I wore this on Fourth of July, I had to add a little sparkle to the outfit, and what better way than with a purse?! I found this Sparkle Star Clutch at Torrid while it was on sale for like $10, so SCORE for me but not so much for you since it's out of stock. To make the whole outfit more casual, I just popped on a pair of white slip-ons from Target and everything was complete.
What did you do over your holiday weekend?

Mostly Lisa

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