Monday, November 9, 2015
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Here are some links to brighten your Monday!
  • The QUEEN has come back into our lives! Adele performed her new song, "Hello" for the first time a few days ago!
  • If you follow me on social, you might have seen a little question floating around. I'm in the process of starting my Holiday Gift Guide, and I want to know what YOU think I should put in the giveaway I'm doing. Look out on Wednesday for a sneak peek at who I will be gifting this year.
  • The new Japanese Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is all kinds of chill-inducing!
  •  Look at this Princess dress from ModCloth! Wowza.
  • Just found out I might be able to get a new laptop for the holidays, and I'm so excited! I've been looking at this HP Laptop in blue!
  • Nowhere near being in the holiday spirit, but these Gilded Leaves String Lights are so pretty!
  • If you've never watched a Kristen Leanne video, I highly recommend starting with this one. It's about owning and purchasing Cruelty Free makeup from your local drugstores. This is really beneficial, and is a great way to incorporate doing something ethical into your daily life.  
  • One more Adele thing... Did anyone see her cover for Rolling Stone? How epic is this?!
  • I am so ready for The Melt Shop to come to Mall of America next year! They're from New York and serve different versions of grilled cheese sandwiches. SO GOOD!
  • How pretty is this wallpaper?!
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