Tuesday, October 27, 2015
With the release of Key to Ravenhearst today, I thought it would be perfect to celebrate with putting it in my next These Things series! This is also a recommendation to anyone who enjoys casual gaming, since this is one my FAVORITE series of computer games I've ever played. Want to know more of why it's so much fun?
  • Awesome Hidden Objects to find in various scenarios
  • Detailed + continued storyline
  • Beautiful graphics
From the Mystery Case Files Wiki page:
Mystery Case Files (also known as MCF) is a video game series originally developed by the internal studios of Big Fish Games. New installments are currently developed by Eipix Entertainment, replacing Elephant Games who developed sequels from 2013 to 2014. The Mystery Case Files series is known for its ‘Hidden Object’ puzzles where, in order to progress through a game, the player must find a certain number of items hidden somewhere on a painted scene.
There are a total of TWELVE of these games, and I highly suggest you play them in order. The first two are somewhat different from the rest, but it gives you a general feeling of what to expect from the later versions. Let me tell you, they are like a fine wine and they get incredibly better with age! I give mad kudos to all of the artistic creators and inventors of the games because they've brought to life an entire world. All images via CasualGameGuides.
Huntsville (2005)
A crime spree baffles Huntsville™ police! Can you help solve the crime? There are picture puzzles to ponder, strange crime scenes to explore, and much, much, more! Download: PC/MAC 
 Prime Suspects (2006)
The Queen's Hope Diamond has been stolen! It's up to you to search for clues throughout 22 levels, find the offending culprit, and recover the stolen gem. Download: PC/MAC
Ravenhearst (2006)
Rumors surrounding the history of stately Ravenhearst Manor have circulated for decades. The recently acquired diary of Emma Ravenhearst may hold the key to unraveling the tale behind this unsettling place, yet the pages are missing. Locating and assembling diary pages helps tell the story of the house and, ultimately, unlock the mystery. Download: PC/MAC
Madame Fate (2007)
Madame Fate™, a mysterious fortune teller, has foreseen her own demise at midnight this very day. She has asked for your help in investigating each quirky carnival worker to determine their whereabouts at midnight. Your investigation will include a multitude of fascinating personalities, from Art the Carny to Lucy the Bearded Beauty, while exploring the magical world of Fate`s Carnival. Each suspect has a motive, but only a Master Detective can discover the secrets hidden within Madame Fate`s crystal ball. Download: PC/MAC/iPAD/iPHONE 
Return to Ravenhearst (2008)
Emma`s soul is free. But her ghost has delivered a dire warning: evil still lurks in Ravenhearst Manor. Big Fish Games Studios takes you deep inside the cursed estate in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™, the thrilling sequel. Experience Ravenhearst`s spectral halls as never before with new immersive adventure-style gameplay and an epic original soundtrack. Feel the floorboards creak as you move from room to room solving puzzles and seeking out clues in over 150 detailed scenes. Download: PC/MAC/iPHONE/iPAD
Dire Grove (2009)
The Celtic legend of Dire Grove has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Considered a fairytale, its telling was meant to frighten small children into staying in their beds through the night. A recently unearthed artifact in the United Kingdom, however, proves the dark legend to be true! Download: PC/MAC
13th Skull (2010)
Shortly after moving into a creepy mansion in Louisiana, Sara Lawson is struck with tragedy when her husband mysteriously disappears. Sara’s daughter, Magnolia, believes her father was kidnapped by the ghost of a vengeful pirate seeking to protect his lost fortune. With the locals terrified of the pirate’s curse, you are the family’s last hope. Available in Standard or Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC/iPAD
Escape from Ravenhearst (2011)
You lived through their side of the story—now live through his! Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story—if you escape. Available in Standard or Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC/iPAD/iPHONE
Shadow Lake (2012)
Uncover the evil legend that haunts a forgotten town. In 1973, something wicked took over the town of Bitterford, Maine, after an unsuspecting inmate unearthed a mysterious object from beneath the prison floor. Years later, Bitterford lies in ruin. You must join forces with psychic Cassandra Williams, played by award-winning actress Lea Thompson, to investigate the events that led to the town's destruction. Available in Standard or Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC/iPAD/iPHONE
Fate's Carnival (2013)
Madame Fate returns… from the dead! This is Fate’s Carnival as you’ve never seen it before, with old acts like Amazing Larry and Marlena Mermaid in the most harrowing predicaments! Can you stop fate before it’s too late? Or will the creepy carnival curse stop you? Available in Standard or Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC/iPAD/iPHONE
Dire Grove, Sacred Grove (2014)
Dire Grove has been plunged into a record-defying cold, and wild animals threaten at every turn! You've been called in to uncover the source of the town's troubles. But you quickly find yourself in the middle of a feud between the local hunters and the mysterious Mistwalkers who live in the woods. Can you prevent an all-out war? Available in Standard or Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC/iPHONE/iPAD 
Key to Ravenhearst (2015)
It would seem the 12th title in the series is returning players to their roots at Ravenhearst Manor. But things are a little different. In our absence, the historical manor has been rebuilt, but as a museum. The terrible purpose behind the Ravenheart Museum’s existence is up to you to discover. Available (for now) in Collector's Edition. Download: PC/MAC
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