Monday, August 3, 2015
Today's These Things post is all about layers. Yes, I said it.. Layers can be done in the summer, people! Not only is yet another great way to transition between seasons, it's a great staple for any wardrobe. You can dress layers up or down, and make it your own. I am a HUGE fan of layers during summer, mostly because it's a necessity for my work wardrobe. My favorite type of layering comes with a classic blazer, a blouse or tank, a great pair of denim or ankle pant and a pair of flats. I'm also into styling layers with maxi dresses, it's so comfortable! Here are four pieces for the perfect summer layering to add to your closet.
1. The Perfect Work Blazer : It's no surprise this is my first pick since the cropped blazer is a constant in my outfit choices. I wear it at least once a week, and I always feel powerful in it. Not only can you wear this in the work environment, but it can transition into a night on the town! You'll also be ahead of the crowd if the weather decides to change at the last moment. Keep the fabric lightweight, choice any color you want and you'll be ready for anything. (Long Denim Bermuda Shorts, Stars T-Shirt, Vans)
2. The Classic Denim Jacket : While I have yet to actually purchase a denim jacket, it's been on my eye for quite some time. I just haven't taken the time to dedicate myself to incorporating it into my wardrobe, but SOON! It's such a go-to and you can literally throw it over any type of outfit and you're a layering master. (Maxi Dress, Gladiator Sandal)
3. The Sweatshirt : You might think I'm crazy for adding a sweatshirt to this list, but you can do so much just with layering a sweatshirt over a dress or blouse. Keep it simple and you'll be rocking whatever scene you're in. (Pencil Skirt, Cross body Purse)
4. The Sleeveless Vest : Another style I have yet to purchase, but I still want to! The longer vest is super chic and works perfectly for this season. It's more feminine and more flattering as well for any body type. This is a great way to dress up or down for the occasion you're participating in, and I'm all for that. (Tee, Stud Earrings)

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