Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June!!! It's my favorite month (hint, hint: BIRTHDAY MONTH) since we get so many good things that happen during it. The weather is slowly creeping up in humidity, thunderstorms are abound. vacations are being planned and there's nothing better than some cleaning around the house. Since I'm always dreaming of the day I can finally own my own place, I figured to start off the month I'd share some home items I'd absolutely die for to have in my humble abode.  My want of the week  is Anthropologie's home collection! It's literally a dream clicking through each section and finding something that pops out, because it's really not that difficult! It's even better when you go into a store and they have their visuals set up, you can imagine your own place being put together the way it is and it's very inspiring. These items above are just some of the things I'd want in my own place. Yes, please. But only until I'm rich and famous, right?!
Mostly Lisa

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