A Staple: The Graphic Tee

Monday, July 29, 2013


Happy Monday y'all! I am literally all about wearing casual clothing. Back in high school, they were pretty much all I wore. But being in school two days out of the week now, sitting in a class for two hours, and sometimes having three classes a day I just have to dress comfortably. So the graphic tee is a great addition to any wardrobe when you want to wear something that doesn't take a lot of work, but doesn't make you look like a slob. I love finding tees that express something I am personally into, like the shirt above, since I am a huge nerd and enjoy showing that off. TeeFury is a great e-commerce site where they hold 24-hour sales on a promoted tee, and they are mostly like this one. With fan designed graphics, these shirts are so much fun and are available in tons of colors and sizes. If you like more 'nerdy' things, I definitely recommend this site. I absolutely love wearing mine, I also have another Doctor Who one, and like pairing them with a pair of pants or jeans. Technically you could dress it up or down.

1. Harry Potter Graphic Tee | 2. Wonder Woman Graphic Tee | 3. Bulldog Graphic Tee |
4. Jack Willis Felsham Tee | 5. Scotch + Soda Tee | 6. BANG! Tee

For the ones who want to dress more ladylike in a graphic tee, there are obviously tons of ways you can succeed in this. Pair it with a maxi or short skirt and add booties and a red lip and you're set! If you need any inspiration on how to wear the graphic tee in a more sophisticated way, go and check out different street style pics and you will get a wealth of knowledge! Graphic tees are available in a variety of stores and can range in several different prices. Just choose your style and decide which fit and graphic speaks to you! Either way you are sure to look like a rockstar!

Have a great week everyone!

Mostly Lisa

Primped For A Picnic

Friday, July 26, 2013

(Image credit: 1)
Happy Friday everyone! Mostly Lisa is prepping for the weekend by dreaming of the perfect picnic outfit. It's fitting since July is NATIONAL PICNIC MONTH! Did anyone know that? I sure didn't! I am hoping before the month ends I can actually go on a picnic, I haven't been on one since I was a little girl. I definitely think it will be a lot more fun now that I'm an adult because fruity alcoholic drinks will be involved.
So when picking an ensemble for this 'adult' picnic, I instantly thought of wearing a maxi dress! They are just so easy and so comfortable.  It's an instant classic and key piece for your wardrobe.Then you have to have a great pair of sandals underneath that, and these ones from ASOS are so chic. They are a little on the expensive side, $110, but I figure they will last long and be a great transition into fall. I am also really in love with Target's FEED line they have going on right now, and so this bracelet is a nice touch to a relaxed outfit. You of course have to bring your picnic basket with you, this one even has holders for your wine bottles. (YES PLEASE!) Also, since the sun is going to be shining down on you during your perfect picnic, you want to make sure to protect your eyes. Make sure to grab a fab pair of sunglasses on your way out the door.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy time with someone you love.

Mostly Lisa

Oh, Lilly!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another latest obsession of mine is of the late Lilly Pulitzer and her wonderful floral prints. I was never a big fan when I was younger, but as I've gotten older she has been able to bring out that feminine side to me. Her Palm Beach-inspired patterns always bring happiness wherever they go. The prints bring inspiration of sipping lemonade at the pool, and looking fabulous and elegant while doing so. It's the epitome of being 'preppy' and what a perfect time to bring this out than during summer. With pastel tones, and beauty staples that leave you smelling like flowers, watermelons, and coconuts. Life can be gorgeous, make the best of it.

Do any of you readers own a Lilly Pulitzer print? How do you rock it?

Mostly Lisa

Old School Blogging: A List of Fives

Monday, July 22, 2013

 So this is a first for Mostly Lisa! I was tagged by the lovely Emma Elise to do this great little List of Fives meme and I am honored to partake. It's pretty great because I have a little lull in blogging topics, and I think this will be nice for my readers to get to know a little bit more about me. If you would like to link-up and participate, instructions are at the end of this post! Without further ado, here are my favorite fives!

Five…Things That I Have A Passion For
  1. Fashion
  2. Blogging
  3. Travel
  4. Reading
  5. Music
Five…Things That I Would Like To Do Before I Die
  1. Graduate college
  2. Be happy in the job I acquire
  3. Live in New York
  4. Travel Europe
  5. Get married
Five…Words/Phrases That I Say Often
  1. Hi lady!
  2. Seriously
  3. Thanks love.
  4. For sure
  5. Oh, wow!
Five…Books/Magazines That I’ve Read Lately:
  1. The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell
  2. Z for Zelda by Therese Anne Fowler
  3. The Fitzosbornes at War by Michelle Cooper
  4. Glamour August 2013 edition
  5. Elle July 2013 edition
Five…Of My Favorite Movies
  1. Pride and Prejudice (2005 edition)
  2. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  3. The Perks of Being A Wallflower
  4. Simply Irresistible
  5. Finding Nemo
 Five...Places I Would Love to Travel
  1. England
  2. Ireland
  3. Norway
  4. Scotland
  5. Italy
Five…People Whom I Invite To Complete This Tag
  1. Katie of ...for Lauren and Lauren
  2. Kati of Almost Stylish
  3. Carrieanne of Imjustalittlepixie
  4. Aki of 7% Solution
  5. Rita of CoastWithMe
If you have been tagged to link-up, or if you just want to join in on the fun, head over here to grab a button and add your link to the list (click the blue button at the very bottom of the post, where it says “Add Your Link").

Mostly Lisa

Tweed Run

Friday, July 19, 2013
What do you think of when you hear the term tweed? For me, it's a black and white film set in a mysterious police station in New York, where Lauren Bacall wears a gorgeous Chanel jacket with a high-waisted skirt and black pumps. Yes, I may stray this image into a romance with her late husband Bogey who plays a criminal on the run. Ugh, how amazing were their movies together? They really set the stage on making tweed a necessity for women AND men in the 1940s film industry. Of course we saw this trend way before with the infamous Chanel jacket, and it's even been able to translate all the way to current runways. It's one of my favorite trends, as it gives a lady an air of sophistication and class. I myself have never purchased or owned a piece of tweed, but someday when I win a million dollars I can finally have a piece of Chanel in my closet. SOMEDAY!
To make someday sooner for everyone, there are obviously ways you can find a tweed jacket or dress that is far more inexpensive and that will still look great.

While black and white is an obviously flattering style that you can wear with this fabric, to translate it to the season we're in think color. Yes, color. Think a sorbet and candy palette and run with it! Opt for flirty pinks, spearmint green, or even a lemon yellow! Be bold in your choices, and just have fun.

Mostly Lisa

HerCampus + National Intercollegiette Conference

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hear, hear!

Do you live in the New York area? Do you love fashion and blogging? Do you happen to read Glamour, Lucky, or Cosmopolitan on a weekly basis? Well, do I have a great idea for you! Why not attend Her Campus's National Intercollegiate Conference of 2013?!

Starting on Saturday July 27th and ending on Sunday July 28th, this inspiring and eventful weekend will be full of panels and workshops that will supply everything you need to know to have an up in the media world! Industry professionals from the above said magazines will be speaking and giving advice on how to make it in the industry, and much more! Need help on improving your blog? Well, there will be tons of information given in one of several workshops. You will also get a great goody bag if you attend, and I mean who can say no to free stuff?!
If you want in on this amazing event, make sure to register because tickets are going fast. If you want to go to Saturday's conference and are a Her Campus member, click here! If you want to go to Sunday's conference, click here! Saturday is just for Her Campus members, so it'll be an extra special day. Sunday is open to everyone, so definitely make sure to register for that day.
I only WISH I could afford a plane ticket to go to this amazing event and opportunity. Sadly, I will have to live vicariously through people that attend. So make sure to let me know if you end up going, and post pictures/update your social media/etc.! I can only imagine what this weekend will be like and I hope everyone has an absolute blast.

Mostly Lisa

Prints Galore!

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Hi ladies!

(Images: 1. | 2. | 3. )

 A big thing I enjoy doing during the summer is looking for inspiration in street style! Those ladies (and men) put on some crazy outfits for Fashion Week and other events but they always end up looking pretty great. The print top is a big trend that has been seen for Spring/Summer 2013, and I can get behind it! In fact, I have already been doing this trend for as long as I can remember. I love pairing a great print with a basic bottom, or the other way around. I think the print top will always be around to stay, and there are so many different ways you can wear it. Pair your print with a bright color, or wear it to work with a pencil skirt. You can't go wrong.

Hope you have been having a great weekend! I am looking forward to a new week and enjoying my summer.
Mostly Lisa

California Loveeee

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So while I was preparing for my summer break, I began thinking of places I would absolutely love to explore and visit. I have a friend named Lexi, who I met on LJ about 9+ years ago, and we decided I would visit her in California! Felt so happy that I could finally see her again in person and be able to visit the West coast for the first time. So I packed up and headed out there for a four day vacation!

She promised great hamburgers from In 'N Out, seeing the Winchester Mystery House, going into San Francisco and seeing the city a total of three times, great Mexican food, good alcohol, and seeing her dog Colin! I was down for everything, and could not wait for the next day to happen.

We ended up going to the Winchester Mystery House, which I have only seen pictures and ghost investigations of it. Seeing it in person, it's outstanding and insanely crazy that it was built in the manner it was. The tour guide we had was kind-of hot, so I made sure to pay a lot of attention. After that we met up with some of her friends and went to a drag show hosted at the California Academy of Sciences. It was the first trip into San Francisco, and we listened to Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis the entire time. This song is officially my song of the summer!

So I am a true believe that I brought with me some insanely gorgeous weather. I mean, the sun was out and truly shining while I was there. It made for a perfect second trek out to San Francisco, where we went straight for the Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly, there was a dense fog that only covered the bridge while we were there. I could still see Alcatraz, so that was cool to finally see in person. We also trekked to Pier39 and had some great seafood. So delicious.

The following days were a blast! We headed out to Berkley, which was such a cool area, and then went out to San Francisco again. Got to see more of the city, do some shopping, and then had some great food with another one of her friends. Finally saw a real SF trolley, which made me reminisce of Full House. Looking at these photos, I wore a lot of Gap while I was there. Which I guess made sense since that is where the headquarters are. What a coincidence! All in all, I had such a great time with Lexi and was happy I got to see a different part of the country. So different than Minnesota, that's for sure.

Mostly Lisa

British Coronation Festival

Saturday, July 6, 2013
So as a lot of my friends know, I am obsessed with all things British. There's something so magical about Britain, whether it's the history or the people, it inspires a lot in me. I've only been to London once, it happened right when I started college.  I was able to stay there for a week in Kensington, and get to travel around the city and see everything. We even traveled to Bath, which made me super happy, and see where Jane Austen lived! Here, have a picture from that magical time!

This picture ties in great with what I wanted to post about! The past couple years have been pretty great with all the stuff we've received from the Royal family! The wedding, and then the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I wanted to be apart of that celebration so badly, but I settled for watching it stream live on CNN. This year we are expecting the Royal baby, YAY, and there is also this really cool Coronation Festival that will be hosted at Buckingham Palace. They will be showcasing British royal fashion with a fashion show and much more.
Alice Temperley will be the host runner for the catwalk! So excited to see her designs. They will be doing a catwalk show on this raised platform that will be embedded with flowers. I can't wait to see all of this!
So readers, have any of you been to London? Let me know in the comments!
Mostly Lisa

An Outfit for 4th of July

Thursday, July 4, 2013


(Images: 1. | 2. | 3. )


Oh, 'Merica. When I think of 4th of July, I think: sunny days, barbecuing, wearing sandals, watching fireworks, local parades, eating s'mores, etc. You also can't forget wearing a fabulous outfit that contains one of the three colors of the flag. I always tend to wear blue, since it's my favorite color, but it's fun to mix it up. Here, have an outfit I would absolutely love to wear this year!
Readers, I hope you have a lovely 4th of July! I will be hanging out with family, eating grilled hamburgers and chicken, watching my nephew enjoy everything, listening to some great music, drinking some great beer, and possibly watching fireworks! Let me know what you guys are up to!
Mostly Lisa