Monday, September 19, 2016
What inspires you? It was the question asked and the theme presented at the #IAmInspired fashion show I attended last night. What better event to go to, as I tend to throw the word around quite a bit here on Mostly Lisa. By throwing around, I basically mean I tend to only post when I am feeling that way personally. I am always looking to be inspired by something in my life, and at the show Sarah Edwards (the producer) spoke so eloquently about what this adjective truly means to each person individually. It can mean something very different for everyone, but as long as the feeling actually happens for you, that is when you will succeed.

I am inspired by so many various things; fashion, beauty, photography, food, music, books, games, my friends, the list really goes on and on. Being able to hone in on each unique thing is a talent within in itself and while I'm no master at it yet, I am trying my hardest to be able to let all of them soak in. Just look at what this show did for me in the two hours of it - I'm inspired to write out my thoughts and feelings and present it to my audience. That is so exciting and I'm definitely not going to take it for granted.

Big thanks to Sarah for the invite, and to all the sponsors who dropped some serious goodies in the gift bags for the event. I'm so excited to try all these new products - with most of them being local to the Twin Cities!

Mostly Lisa

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