Friday, September 16, 2016

I have literally always wanted to find a staple piece that could transition from day to night with ease. Being able to have something that you could wear to work and then seamlessly change into for an outfit later on that night - whether you're going on a date, or having a drink with friends - is a must! A major trend for fall 2016 that I've seen lately is the embroidered bomber jacket, and I thought what better staple piece to bring into my wardrobe that fulfill that need?! The obsession that grew while trying to find the perfect one for me was insane, and luckily the turnaround on finding one went pretty quickly after searching through!  Not only is this jacket fun and playful with the embroidered floral print on the sleeves and back, but the EXTRA magical part is that this jacket can also be turned inside out and be multi-functional.

When deciding what I actually wanted to wear with the jacket, I decided to opt for more neutral tones that would sit back and let the staple piece speak for itself. Fun fact - I actually didn't realize that the night portion of this would have me looking & feeling like a Pink Lady from 'Grease', but I guess that's not such a bad thing. I decided to wear a relaxed tee from Old Navy - that would also transition easily to the night outfit and other outfits that I decide to wear throughout the season. I paired the tee with my favorite pair of dark blue skinny jeans from Ava & Viv - Target, as well pointed Mary Jane flats that are also extremely perfect for fall! Keeping everything the same, besides the pants, the night portion saw me incorporating a black pencil skirt from Old Navy as well.

There is nothing better to me than being able to have multi-functional use for an item, especially when I'm on a budget. If one piece of my wardrobe can accentuate an outfit in several different ways, I'm going to be a happy camper. This bomber jacket is definitely going to be used quite a bit this year and the next!

from day

to night

Photos by Meghan Bakken

Mostly Lisa

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