Tough As Nails

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today I thought I would talk about a favorite trend of mine that I love to incorporate a little bit everyday into my outfit choices. This 'rocker chic' look, when you really can go all out and feel bad ass when your out and about. I love this mix of pairing stripes and leather together, it just perfectly meshes well together. Saint Laurent had a perfect inspiration photo for this post, and I thought I'd play off three different ways you could bring this style into your wardrobe. Now, I'd definitely wear longer leather skirts but if you have the legs to pull off wearing minis, you go girl! I wish I had known that this 'punk' look could be so stylish when I was younger. I would have taken several better cues as to how to dress in high school. Yes, I did go through that phase when I was younger and to be honest with you I am not ashamed I did. Anyways..... I love that this trend also plays on other ones (i.e. black & white, leather being an investment piece, etc.) and isn't afraid to take risks. So go and be your bad self and I will be right there with you rocking out with you!
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