Great Gingham

Thursday, March 20, 2014

There always seems to be a trend that constantly comes back for every season, whether it's plaid, polka dots or anything in between there's something that consistently is seen down the runway. Gingham is one of these trends and let's just say I'm quite addicted to it.


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Since it's the first day of spring, how fitting, I thought I'd share some of my favorite gingham items that will be perfect for this most refreshing season. This trend always seems to take the lead for spring, i.e.; you seem them literally everywhere in picnic accessories, and when it comes to clothing they can make a bold statement. Big crossed-hatched lines can easily be mixed with a bold color or other prints. The main reason I love this trend is because it instantly makes me think of retro glam! Imagine Bridget Bardot or Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! You can easily find bikinis and dresses that rock this classic print in modern flirty ways and designers have updated the print by mixing it in different colors.
What do you think of gingham? Would you mix it into your wardrobe this season?
Mostly Lisa


  1. Oh those SHOES!


  2. This is actually a print that I don't feel super compelled to try out. It's popular, but around the internet, I think I see more photos of gingham done wrong than done right.

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