Fashion Friday: White + Black + Blue

Friday, January 17, 2014

OUTFIT: Top: Target | Tank: GapPants: Old Navy | Boots: DSW | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Scarf: Target
It's finally Friday, so I have been inspired to start a new weekly series here on Mostly Lisa. Fashion Friday is going to be all about a favorite outfit of mine for the week. Since I don't often like to photograph myself, there will be a bare minimum of 5 photos for each post. Don't worry, you won't have to see too much of my face, haha. I also don't want to do too much since I have no one to take my pictures, this is all self-timer photos people! You will also get a great look into the entrance of my house since it is freezing right now in Minnesota. But I thought it'd be fun to finally share some of my style with everyone. I am mostly inspired by runway looks, street style and fellow bloggers but like to translate it into something I can make my own. I'm all about comfortability and something that is aesthetically pleasing. Being plus size, it's gotten a lot better over the years to find things that combine these two. I am also not able to really branch out right now because of financial reasons, but I try do my best.
The theme for my first Fashion Friday is "White + Black + Blue"! I personally like wearing a classic color combo like black and white, and adding a touch of color in my accessories. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I got back in 2009 in Paris, France is the perfect bold color choice that I can get behind. As I have already talked about this great combo before on Mostly Lisa, it was only necessary for me to get this great top from Target. It's super comfortable, looks great by itself or with a blazer. Plus, you can pair any type of jewelry or scarf with it! One of my biggest obsessions right now are knee-high boots, so when I found these in September I snatched them up as quickly as I could! This is a great outfit that you can wear to work or out with friends!
So I hope you can bear with me while my photos will hopefully get better over time and I can give you better outfits! Let me know if you like this idea and want to see more! I'd greatly appreciate to hear anything from you guys in the comments. Have a fabulous weekend!
Mostly Lisa