Under My Umbrella

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Well, well, well! Hello everyone! Long time, no blogging! I have literally had no motivation to want to come on BlogSpot and update with anything. The weather here in Minnesota has made me feel so down and not like myself during these past couple months. This past weekend it FINALLY hit 70 degrees, but guess where we are now on the first of May?! Yeah, not higher but all the way back down to a good ol' 39 degrees. What the heck?! It's supposed to be a mix of rain and snow for the rest of this week. I'm so over this place.
But on the plus side, it gave me some inspiration to pick out some of my favorite rainwear that would lift my spirits a little. There's something special about a rain shower, just forget that snowfall, and it makes everything fresh and want to grow again. I can handle the rain if I had these few items in my wardrobe. I'm in love with the Hunter Original Rain Boots! With a luck of fate I actually WON some by entering a contest on their Facebook page. They are amazing and so comfortable. I can't wait to wear them out and about, because I am sure there will be tons of opportunities.
So tell me readers, what's the weather like where you are? If you have nice weather, I don't hate you but I am very happy for you! If you're in a place like where I am, LET'S GIVE EACHOTHER A HUG!
Mostly Lisa


  1. i've been wanting rain boots so badly! I need to get some!

    1. Yes! I've never actually had the money to purchase any, so the fact that I won a pair was so awesome. Hope you get some cute ones. :D

      Mostly Lisa