Wednesday, February 8, 2017
ICYMI: Sigma Beauty recently launched two new Lip Vex sets called Glaze & Dazzle back in January and they are absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a little bit of shine or glitter to complete their beauty look. What's even better about these sets is that they are a complete steal if you buy them together - $28 all together. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you may have seen me swatch both sets after receiving them in the mail and the fun that ensued afterwards. I figured since Valentine's Day is approaching us quickly it would be great to share just a few of my favorite hues from either. All of these long-lasting colors will go perfectly for a date night out with your significant other, a pizza + wine date with your gal pals or while you're spoiling yourself all day with flowers and chocolate. 
1. Vivid Glaze Lip Vex ($10): Shine bright in this coral pink gloss! It's my favorite shade out of both sets since it glides on so easily and leaves lips feeling smooth. I'd highly recommend wearing this with a sleek black ensemble, make your date really focus on the gorgeous color of your lips. Maybe you'll get a kiss at the end of the night.

2. Sheila Dazzle Lip Vex ($10): This Sheila won't take crap from any man, especially while wearing such a vibrant, satin gloss. I'd recommend wearing this color with a more classic ensemble that could translate from day to night, which is perfect for a night with gal friends. Think blazer, white blouse, a pair of denim and a chic pair of booties. 
3. Slip Glaze Lip Vex ($10): Oh-so-romantic! This baby pink shade has me falling in love with its peachy undertones and shimmer residue. I'd recommend wearing something a little more 'sweet' with this, maybe an outfit that will have you feeling like going to a malt shop and listening to oldies on the jukebox. A fit-and-flare dress, strappy flats and a cardigan that your sweetheart will admire you in.

4. Steady Glow Dazzle Lip Vex ($10): Hey peach, you're ready to shimmer. This vibrant shade slowly fades into a more subtle gloss that will last the entire day. I'd highly recommend wearing this with something red or pink, to celebrate the actual holiday, it will compliment the neutrality of your lip color. Take a chance and wear your heart on your sleeve this year. 

P.S. Pick up any of these Lip Vex sets at a very special Valentine's Day party that I'm hosting THIS FRIDAY at the Sigma Beauty Mall of America Boutique - it's the only brick and mortar store where you can purchase items in person. It's your turn to spoil yourself, beauties!
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