Monday, January 23, 2017
You may remember one of my favorite series called 'Monday Link-Up', where I would share a few of my favorite finds from the past day, week or month. They were links that were fun to read, watch and shop from a variety of different online sources. Now that we're in a new year, I decided that it would be fun to switch the name up a bit since everything else for Mostly Lisa has done so. The new series is going to be called 'Monday Reads.' It will still be the same format - links to things I've found interesting + unique, but just a little cleaner for this new layout. I realized I hadn't put together a Link-Up since September, so please enjoy this new edition and these intriguing new reads.

  • Women's March Minnesota (and around the world): I was unable to go to the March yesterday, I was working at my job the ENTIRE event, but I was tuned in on every social media platform to see coverage on it. It was probably the most inspiring thing I have ever seen, the comradery of women (and even men) around each March brought me to tears. My heart was so full to see women band together for such a great cause + movement - no matter their skin color, sexual or gender identity, age, ethnicity, etc. Everyone was there to support one another with the chance to have their voices heard, and boy, was it heard. We can't stop there, we have to keep pushing forward and strive to have equality in this country. Look at these beautiful photos from Marches around the world, they have me feeling so inspired. Let me tell you as well, he's #NotMyPresident.
  • Danielle Brooks: She's killed it on the red carpet, has an absolutely powerful voice and is an activist for women no matter their age. I had to reference her in today's post because I came across this article on Teen Vogue that features her cover of the feminist song - "I Am Woman" and it is mind-blowing! 
  • Spring 2017 Couture Shows: Patiently waiting for the Haute Couture S/S '17 shows to begin. They have already started out with a bang via Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition, so many beautiful embellished sweaters and pants. 
  • Five Hair Trends for 2017: I am a huge fan of Brit.Co and constantly read their articles of various subjects like; beauty, creativity, current events and recipes! One of their current articles - supplied by The Barefoot Blonde - sparked my interested since it is talking about the current hair trends for the year. If you've seen any photo of me, you know that I normally keep my hairstyle pretty neutral, but I'm really digging the Bardot Inspired Hair! 
  • Breaking Down 32 Different Accents: Tumblr can be a source of bad + good, so I was generally happy when I came across this video of a dialect coach analyzing actors' accents. I could definitely watch hours of this, it comes with such ease for him! 
  • Conversations With Creatives: I am apart of a great local blogger group called Twin Cities Collective and they recently re-branded everything - including the content that they create. They just announced they would be starting up a podcast featuring local creatives around the Twin Cities, and I wanted to feature it because it just sounds like such a unique way to get to know fellow bloggers and smaller brands that live in the Midwest. We're all really aiming to express our passions, so I really hope that I get to go on it sometime in the future.
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