Monday, March 6, 2017
It has been so long since I last updated, guys! I do apologize about this, but life and lack of inspiration just got in the way after Valentine's Day. The best part of this long break though? Getting a six day vacation from all the mundane aspects of life in Minnesota - work, job searching, the cold weather and most of all, the seasonal depression. I got to jet off to Florida to visit my aunt + uncle and boy, it was much needed! I'm still on a vacation high, even though it's almost been two weeks since I got back. I'm really glad I did it, mostly because I also got to check a HUGE item off my bucket list - going to Disney World! Yes, you heard right. My ultimate dream of going to Magic Kingdom finally came true and it was like everything lined up into place on the day that I went. My aunt let me borrow her car to drive up to Orlando, parking was incredibly easy, I met a really nice couple from Indiana who showed me around the park, and stayed around the entire day to see the fireworks before the park closed. I'm still pinching myself that this actually happened, but I will remember the trip for a very long time. Head to my Instagram to see some photos from the trip!

Now that life is slightly back to normal, the inspiration to post and be proactive on Mostly Lisa is there again. I obviously have to come back with a series that I quite enjoy, here is this week's Monday Reads! Look out for more updates in the upcoming weeks, and let me know what you're reading lately.

  • Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear collections: Like always, I enjoy keeping up to date with each Fashion Week every season and sharing my favorite looks on social media. This time around was no different, even though I missed quite a lot from LFW + MFW, it's been a lot of fun to catch up and see how beautiful the collections have been. My absolute favorite so far has been Elie Saab! I felt like this woman was a moody princess that didn't take s*** from any man. 
  • Oscars 2017: This is a little late, but I have to talk about this red carpet! It just so happened that I got home the day of the show, so I was able to swoon over some of my favorite looks as they were happening. Some of my best dressed: Cynthia Erivo in Paolo Sebastian, Ruth Negga in Valentino, Brie Larson in Oscar de la Renta, Chris Evans in Salvatore Ferragamo, and the entire cast of 'Moonlight'
  • Who What Wear x Target Spring 2017 collection: I am so obsessed with the fact that WWW has made more runway-inspired fashion available for the masses. Being a plus size woman, it is SO thrilling to not feel left out of a collection that you normally would be. I've picked up a few things from the fall collection, but I can't wait to start wearing some of the spring items. There is a wide range to choose from - a floral bomber jacket, slip dress with contrast straps, layered cuff button up + more!
  • Beauty & the Beast 2017: I'm very nervous that this movie is not going to live up to my expectations, but I can't lie and say that I'm not excited to see one of my favorite Disney movies made into live-action. Let's just hope that Emma Watson's voice is not too auto-tuned. 
  • The Curvy Con: Sharing this to set a reminder for myself to buy a ticket. I mean, the panel of speakers alone is something I have to see in person!
  • Artwork To Put Up Soon: From Plant Planet, these adorable prints are so perfect for spring. Hopefully I'll be able to find some room on my walls to put one of these beauties up.
  • Rihanna Channeling Amelia Earhart: Bravo on this editorial, Harper's Bazaar! Bravo!  
  • LUSH: If you needed another reason to love LUSH and show your support, add this to your list: they do not use synthetic preservatives to make their products stay fresh - they are self-preserving. This is a really great read, and shows how dedicated this brand is to maintaining their quality worldwide.
  • bff bags: just released this ADORABLE collection of cross-body bags that you and your BFF can wear together. I'm especially in love with this version.
  • Libation Studios for Drunk Disney: One of my favorite YouTube channels - Practical Folks - does a series called 'Drunk Disney' where they watch Disney movies and drink while doing so. The quality of these episodes have gotten exponentially better, and they now do a themed drink for each movie that they watch. I had to share this month's video for Beauty & the Beast because it's so lovely and pairs perfectly - Enchanted Rose. I'm definitely going to try and make this before the movie comes out next week. 

Mostly Lisa

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